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T Seven

T Seven  (Germany)

EuroDance group
Added : 20/11/2001
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Latest T Seven news

08/12/2010 : T Seven recorded a party-country cover of Scooter's hit How Much Is The Fish with her new band Judy & the Fish Town Cowboys (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

07/10/2010 : T Seven will present Top 20 radio show every saturday from 14:00. She recently married German bussinessman Sven-Jörg Buthmann (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

02/06/2009 : T seven (former Mr President vocalist) is working in studio on new tracks (thanks to eurodance blog)

28/05/2006 : T seven (ex Mr President vocalist) was featured by the dance project Lunanova on the cover-song Let The Music Play (already covered by Strictly MOR some years ago). All infos on the Lunanova website (thanks to Tavi Meran).


T Seven singles

Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Hey Mr President 26th Feb 2001 Click to listen to T seven - Hey Mr President   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Passion 17th Sep 2001 Click to listen to T seven - Passion   LISTEN
Copa Cabana 2003



Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Mr President - Up'n Away 15th Oct 1994 Click to listen to Mr President - Up\'n Away   LISTEN  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Mr President - Show Me The Way 8th Nov 1996 Click to listen to Mr President - Show Me The Way   LISTEN  
Marvin McCay - Ohne dich (schlaf' ich heut Nacht nicht ein) 2000  
Lunanova - Let The Music Play 2006  


T Seven biography

(Judith Hinkelmann aka Hildebrandt, 19)

T stands for her big love Techno music, and 7 for '70 styles (sometimes she is just called T). She worked as female vocalist for Mr President till the year 2000.

T-7 grew up with dance. Her mother was a ballerina, T really admired her and always wanted to follow her steps. At the tender age of 5, she was admitted to a very tough ballet school. At the very beginning of her career in Satellite One, her father was not approving it, but when in 1992 this group was climbing up with SAT-1 Serie The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, he became a fan of the group and her daughter. She likes to wear clothes from that period. She gained high school diploma but at this moment she does not plan to get higher education.

In 2000 T-Seven left Mr President. She started a solo carreer, and in March 2001 released her first single called Hey Mr. President, written and produced by Thomas Anders (of Modern Talking). In August followed the secong single Passion (which had already been covered a few years later by Cardenia). According to rumors, it was not her real voice on the tracks, but the one of Karen Mueller, the studio vocalist who already sung her vocals while she was a member of Mr President. She also recorded a duet with Marvin McCay.

2003 : T-seven released a new single entitled Copa Cabana.

2004 : she turned to elektro-punk and recorded with her new band (Benny and the two Martin) new songs that she co-wrote with a team from London and co-produced in Bremen. She also took part as model to some fashion shows along with Jazzy from the group Tic Tac Toe or with Mirja Dumont.

Her favourite hobby is riding her horse Luna.

2006 : T seven was featured by the dance project Lunanova on the cover-song Let The Music Play (already covered by Strictly MOR some years ago). She also works as a DJ on radio NRJ Bremen.

No relationhip with Judith Hildebrandt, the vocalist of Hugo.

Thanks to The General and Kizoo for the latest informations
Thanks to Iván Canals Arranz, Klems, Sascha Busch, Tavi Meran and D-man '94

The biography was last updated Sun, June 14th 2009

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