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Strike   (UK)

EuroDance group
Added : 10/07/2005
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I Saw The Future
U Sure Do
The Morning After (Free At Last)
My Love Is For Real
I Have Peace
U Sure Do'99
U Sure Do 2006
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Strike albums

I Saw The Future I Saw The Future 1997


Strike singles

U Sure Do U Sure Do 1994
The Morning After (Free At Last) The Morning After (Free At Last) 1995
Inspiration Inspiration 1996
My Love Is For Real My Love Is For Real 1996
I Have Peace I Have Peace 1997
U Sure Do'99 U Sure Do'99 1999
U Sure Do 2006 U Sure Do 2006 Promo only Apr 2006



Strike biography

Strike (Matt Cantor, Andy Gardner and the vocalist Victoria Newton) come from the UK.

The first single U Sure Do was in spring 1995 a big hit around Europe. It went to # 4 in the UK charts and they began touring extensively, playing to audiences as large as 70 000. The chart success throughout Europe and Australia took the band to Spain, Italy, Norway, Holland, Germany and Japan. Strike went on to produce another four UK Top 40 Hits and a critically acclaimed album I Saw the Future.

The follow-up was entitled The Morning After, it was licensed in Italy under Discomagic Records. Then came the singles Inspiration and the very well-known My Love Is For Real, also nice dancesongs. I Have Peace was more a mixture of rap, pop and gospel (with guest raps by K.). All songs were released under Fresh Records. In the credits of the songs you find the songwriters Andy Gardner and Matt Cantor, among others.

After Strike, Matt Cantor and Andy Gardner founded their way into the breakbeat scene. Both became nig names.

Matt started the breakbeat group The Freestylers. In 1998 they had a big hit with Ruffneck and their album We rock hard. 2001's Pressure point was no success, but in 2004 they came back with the massive hit Push up. A simple housetrack that stands alone on the hardcore breakbeat album Raw as F'ck. In 2005 they helped the Drum n' bass act Pendulum to breaktrough.

Andy became a half of the breakbeat duo The Plump DJ's. This duo became one of the hottest DJ-shows form Britain. In 2001 they made the mix CD A plump night out and in 2003 the very good album Eargasm came out.

2006 : a promo version of U Sure Do 2006 was released in April.

Thanks to R V, Crazy4Music and Abelito

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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