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Santamaria   (Portugal)

EuroDance group
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Eu sei Tu és
Sem Limite
4 Dance
Boogie Woogie
2 Beat
Hit Singles – Best Of
Let's Dance!...
Eu sei, tu es...
Não da p'ra viver sem ti
Es demais
Tudo pr'a te amar
Falesia do amor
Quero-te mais
A voar
Quero tudo
Castelos na areia
Quando o amor chega
Quero ser
Espelho de agua
Vou Amar-te Sem Destino
Vou entrar no teu olhar
Meu sonho es tu
Vou nas asas de um sonho
I want you anyway
Boogie Woogie
Gôsto do amor
Dalay lama
Tu es o que eu mais quero
Ja não tens nada a ver
Es meu sol
Pecado real
Poder ver-te outra vez
Eu quero saber
Por um mundo melhor
Lagrimas de amor
So eu te quero
Sem te ter aqui pr'a mim
Junto De Ti (Num Gesto De Amor)
Eu Sem Ti... (Alma Perdida)
Na Alma Do Amor
Vou Escrever O Que Perdi
Tudo de mim (Para ti)
Quero sentir teu amor
Leva-me contigo (num sonho)
Só uma noite contigo
Let's go to Afrika
Faz Me Sentir
Só a tua Estrela
Já Não Sei De Ti
Es Tudo
Não Sejas Assim
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Latest Santamaria news

07/07/2015 : Santamaria will release their new album Gold on July 20th. They will present their new singles És Tudo and Não Sejas Assim next Sunday during show Somos Portugal on TV channel TVI.

21/06/2015 : Santamaria's new single is entitled Es Tudo. Their next album will be entitled Gold and it will be out soon.

22/06/2014 : On June 26th, Santamaria will release a new DVD entitled 15 Anos Ao Vivo.

10/11/2013 : Santamaria's new single is entitled Já Não Sei De Ti

19/03/2012 : Discover the videoclip of Santamaria's current single Let's Go To Afrika. Their new album Let's Dance was released today.

17/03/2012 : Santamaria's new album is entitled Let's Dance!.... It will be released on March 19th.

08/02/2012 : Santamaria released a (too short) teaser for their forthcoming album.

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Santamaria albums

Eu sei Tu és Eu sei Tu és 25th Mar 1998
Sem Limite Sem Limite 27th Apr 1999
Voar Voar 31st May 2000
Reflexus Reflexus 12th Jun 2001
4 Dance 4 Dance 12th Jul 2002
Boogie Woogie Boogie Woogie 2nd Jul 2003
2 Beat 2 Beat 29th Apr 2005
8 8 3rd Jul 2006
Hit Singles – Best Of Hit Singles – Best Of Aug 2006
Elements Elements 13th Jul 2007
Virtual Virtual 13th Jun 2008
Xplosion Xplosion 4th Jul 2009
Play Play 22nd Jun 2010
Let's Dance!... Let's Dance!... 19th Mar 2012
Gold Gold 20th Jul 2015

Santamaria DVDs et VHS

10 anos - Ao vivo 10 anos - Ao vivo 24th Nov 2008 DVD


Santamaria singles

Eu sei, tu es... Eu sei, tu es... Video only 1998
Não da p'ra viver sem ti Não da p'ra viver sem ti Video only 1998  LISTEN
Es demais Es demais Video only 1998  LISTEN
Tudo pr'a te amar Tudo pr'a te amar Video only 1999
Falesia do amor Falesia do amor Video only 1999  LISTEN
Quero-te mais Quero-te mais Radio release 1999
A voar A voar Video only 2000  LISTEN
Quero tudo Quero tudo Video only 2000
Castelos na areia Castelos na areia Video only 2000  LISTEN
Quando o amor chega Quando o amor chega Video only 2000  LISTEN
Quero ser Quero ser Video only 2001  LISTEN
Espelho de agua Espelho de agua Video only 2001  LISTEN
Vou Amar-te Sem Destino Vou Amar-te Sem Destino Radio release 2001
Vou entrar no teu olhar Vou entrar no teu olhar Video only 2002  LISTEN
Meu sonho es tu Meu sonho es tu Radio release 2002  LISTEN
Vou nas asas de um sonho Vou nas asas de um sonho Radio release 2002  LISTEN
I want you anyway I want you anyway Radio release 2002  LISTEN
Boogie Woogie Boogie Woogie Video only 2003  LISTEN
Gôsto do amor Gôsto do amor Radio release 2003
Dalay lama Dalay lama Video only 2005  LISTEN
Tu es o que eu mais quero Tu es o que eu mais quero Radio release 2005  LISTEN
Raggajam Raggajam Video only 2005  LISTEN
Ja não tens nada a ver Ja não tens nada a ver Video only 2006  LISTEN
Es meu sol Es meu sol Radio release 2006  LISTEN
Pecado real Pecado real Radio release 2006  LISTEN
Poder ver-te outra vez Poder ver-te outra vez Radio release 2006  LISTEN
Eu quero saber Eu quero saber Video only 2007  LISTEN
Por um mundo melhor Por um mundo melhor Video only 2007  LISTEN
Lagrimas de amor Lagrimas de amor Radio release 2007  LISTEN
So eu te quero So eu te quero Video only 2008  LISTEN
Sem te ter aqui pr'a mim Sem te ter aqui pr'a mim Video only 2008
Junto De Ti (Num Gesto De Amor) Junto De Ti (Num Gesto De Amor) 2008
Eu Sem Ti... (Alma Perdida) Eu Sem Ti... (Alma Perdida) Video only 2009
Na Alma Do Amor Na Alma Do Amor 2009
Vou Escrever O Que Perdi Vou Escrever O Que Perdi 2009
Tudo de mim (Para ti) Tudo de mim (Para ti) Video only 2010
Quero sentir teu amor Quero sentir teu amor 2010
Leva-me contigo (num sonho) Leva-me contigo (num sonho) 2010
Só uma noite contigo Só uma noite contigo Video only Jul 2010
Let's go to Afrika Let's go to Afrika Dec 2011
Faz Me Sentir Faz Me Sentir 2012
Só a tua Estrela Só a tua Estrela 2012
Já Não Sei De Ti Já Não Sei De Ti 27th Oct 2014  LISTEN
Es Tudo Es Tudo 14th Jun 2015  LISTEN
Não Sejas Assim Não Sejas Assim Jul 2015  LISTEN



Santamaria biography

Santamaria is a Portuguese project which features 2 boys : António ''Tó'' Lemos (producer, composer, songwriter), born 3rd January 1973, Luís Marante (composer, rapper) born 10th February 1981, Lucas Junior (composer, co-producer, DJ, rapper) and 3 girls : Filipa Lemos (vocalist) born 12th August 1978, Magda Monteiro (dancer and background-singer) born 29th July 1982, and Diná Real (dancer and background-singer), born 12th November 1975. Their distinctive touch is the combination between Filipa's vocals and electronic sounds. They sold so far more than 800.000 worldwide, but their success remains limited mostly to Portugal and Spain.

Their style evolved with time, from very nice eurodance (first albums) to more recently eurotrance and a little bit hands-up. In 1999, they even did a duet with Whigfield. They also covered Lasgo's single Something.

All albums were released under the label Vidisco. Santamaria did not seem to release any real singles (no vinyls or CD maxi), but some of their songs appeared on compilations and they shot many videos, which can be considered as singles.

1998 : the group released their first album, entitled Eu Sei Tu Es.

1999 : Their second album Sem Limite was very succesful contributed to make of Santamaria one of the most famous portuguese groups ever. The album contained the duet with Whigfield in a portuguese/english remake of Happy Maravilha.

2000 : the third album Voar had less success than the previous one.

2001 : Reflexus the 4th album was released as special edition with 3 new tracks (from the normal edition) and an interactive track (with lyrics, videoclips and other extras)

2002 : they decided to make a pause during which Filipa got married and had a baby.

2003 : the album Boogie Woogie, a sort of best of, included also a DVD with all Santamaria's videoclips as well as an interview. It did not sell as well as expected.

2005 : Santamaria released a new album entitled 2 Beat. It entered the sales charts at #11 and went up to #9.

2006 : they released theire eighth album, simply entitled... 8. A best of CD including a DVD of their videoclips shortly followed. They left their former records company Vidisco and got signed under La Spacial.

2007 : Elements was the title of their new album. A new member joined them, DJ Lucana.

2008 : their new album Virtual was released in June. Then, they released a live DVD in October that was recorded during the concert of August 8th in Porto, which went back on their 10 years of carreer.

2009 : Santamaria released their new album Xplosion in July. It hit the Portugese charts, reaching #8 this summer. The first song to be taken from their tenth album is called Eu sem ti... (Alma perdida), followed by Na alma do amor. In October, Xplosion was awarded platinum.

2010 : in spite of their fans' wishes, they won't be competing Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Filipa Lemos confirmed that a new album would be released arouns June.

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