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Nina  (Germany)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000
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Latest Nina news

18/07/2008 : Nina Gerhard recorded a CD entitled Muse, featuring various covers of famous blues and jazz songs of Hildegard Knef, Marlene Dietrich und Marianne Faithfull, among others (thanks to Tavi Meran).

15/03/2008 : Nina has a new official website (thanks to JRC)

16/02/2003 : Nina is back for good and is planning a new single called Tomorrow's Yesterday.


Nina albums

Sleeve available Dare ! 31st Jul 1995
Sleeve available Dare ! (Japanese release) 1996


Nina singles

Sleeve available - Click to enlarge The Reason Is You 15th Oct 1994 Click to listen to Nina - The Reason Is You   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Until All Your Dreams Come True 10th Jul 1995 Click to listen to Nina - Until All Your Dreams Come True   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge In Her Shoes 31st Jan 1996 Click to listen to Nina - In Her Shoes   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Can't Stop This Feeling 14th May 1996
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Wanna Feel So Good 11th Apr 1997 Click to listen to Nina - Wanna Feel So Good   LISTEN


Nina remixes

The Reason Is You 1995 Click to listen to Nina - The Reason Is You   LISTEN



Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Captain Hollywood Project - More And More 29th Jul 1992 Click to listen to Captain Hollywood Project - More And More   LISTEN  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Captain Hollywood Project - Only With You 8th Jan 1993 Click to listen to Captain Hollywood Project - Only With You   LISTEN  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Intermission - Honesty 19th Mar 1993 Click to listen to Intermission - Honesty   LISTEN  
United Allstars - Hope 2005  

Aliases - Records released under other names

Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Nina Gerhard - Muse (album) 30th Apr 2008  


Nina biography

Musical team : Attack II, Giora Schein, Nosie Katzmann

Nina Gerhard first hit the eurodance scene in 1993 as the female voice of Captain Hollywood Project's world-wide hit single More And More. One of the producers of this single was none other than mega-German eurodance producer Nosie Katzmann. Nina also supplied the vocals in Intermission's single Honesty.

In 1994, Nina went solo with the release of her first single The Reason Is You under the guidance of Mr. Katzmann. Her second single Until All Your Dreams Come True was equally as good as the first, if not better. A very powerful eurodance track with hard-driving synths and smooth, sexy vocals. Shortly after the second single, Nina's debut album Dare ! was released. Many famous eurodance names like Kim Sanders, Peter Gräber (of Culture Beat - Pay No Mind), Doug Laurent (remixes for Culture Beat - Take Me Away and La Bouche - I Love To Love), and DMP (Intermission) were involved with the album. In early '96, her third single In Her Shoes took a different turn than the previous two. It's a pure ballad, containing no dance mixes. The fourth single Can't Stop This Feeling went back to dance, actually more like pop-disco. It stayed 3 weeks at the #1 place in Italy.

It appears that Nosie Katzmann was no longer involved with the project as his name was not credited from this release on. After about a year's absence, Nina returned with her fifth single release, Wanna Feel So Good, again with new producers. This time, teamed up with the E-Rotic producers of David Brandes, John O'Flynn, and Domenico Labarille.

Nina also worked as backing vocalist for the artist Simon Collins. She also appeared on Vega tracks and did a duet with F. Salzar under the name of Heroes.

The latest releases under the name of Nina (such as I'm So Excited in 1999) do not feature the same vocalist.

2002 : Nina settled down in Darmstadt. She had been very busy these past years, caring about her little daughter Anouk. She gave her voice to a TV-commercial for L'Oreal, a radio-commercial for Nescafé, and a cinema-commercial for Afri Cola. She also told she would like to work in the domain of cartoon-film synchronisations, radio plays or documentaries texts recording (domain in which his boyfriend Yvo Fuchs already works). In June she had a great success in the USA, playing live in a well-known salsa-club in Los Angeles. She did a duet with Markus Nikolai

2003 : Nina is back ! She plans to release a new single, called Tomorrow’s Yesterday. The style will be trance, and a new album is already planned. The new single was written and produced by Doug Laurent and remixed by Andy Sikorski.

2005 : in March, Nina, along with Franca Morgano and other artists, recorded a charity single entitled Hope as United Allstars. The benefits will go to a village in Sri Lanka, hit hard by the tsunami three months ago.

2008 : Nina is currently a member of the Zamsoo project (formerly known as Mondbrand), together with Joerg Dudys. They recorded ballads such as Sweet Devils. She recorded a CD entitled Muse featurng various covers of famous blues and jazz songs of Hildegard Knef, Marlene Dietrich und Marianne Faithfull, among others.

Thanks to Peter Yuen, Tavi Meran, JRC, PowerMaster
Nina at Echo Online

The biography was last updated Sun, September 30th 2012

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