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Netzwerk   (Italy)

EuroDance group
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Send Me An Angel
Memories (vs Promise Land)
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Latest Netzwerk news

05/10/2012 : Italian DJane and remixer Alexandra Damiani will release a single featuring Netzwerk and their hit Memories.

30/09/2010 : After remixing Captain Hollywood's Only With You, Paraisko remixed Netzwerk's hit Passion. "Its a bootleg for all the eurodance lovers", he explained. (thanks to Paraisko)

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Netzwerk singles

Send Me An Angel Send Me An Angel 17th Oct 1992  LISTEN
Breakdown Breakdown 2nd Oct 1993  LISTEN
Passion Passion 18th Oct 1994  LISTEN
Memories Memories 15th May 1995  LISTEN
Dream Dream 15th Jul 1997  LISTEN
Memories (vs Promise Land) Memories (vs Promise Land) 11th Nov 2004


Netzwerk remixes

Passion (German edition) Passion (German edition) 1994
Passion Passion 1994  LISTEN
Memories Memories 1995  LISTEN


Featurings and collaborations

Memories Alexandra Damiani - Memories 21st Oct 2012  


Netzwerk biography

Musical team : M-cube (Maurizio Tognarelli, Marco Galeotti, Marco Genovesi), Gianni Bini, Fulvio Perniola.
Records company : DWA Records.

The first single released by this Italian project was the very soft and romantic Send Me An Angel (a cover of a song initially released by Real Life). It used the voice of Sandra Chambers and was also covered by many projects such as Mythos & DJ Cosmo and Caya. The following single Breakdown also featured Sandy (it was the first single of Netzwerk to be released in Brazil).

It was less evident to know who was behind the vocals of Memories (very successful in Israel where it reached # 3) and Passion (# 26 in Israel). For some, they were done by Marco Galeotti, who also sung for the project Sunbrother (Tell Me What). But according to DWA records Sunbrother's current singer was named Patrix. Actually, on the sleeve of Memories one can read the name of Simone Jackson, aka Simone Jay, and it is more likely that she did the vocals on both records. Memories was covered by another Italian project named Fontana.

Another single was entitled Dream, released under Volumex records, a different label but still the same producing team..

Thanks to DJ Alex Calboy, Abelito, DJ Marto, grof pl.and Alex S
Thanks to Shimon O'Hana for the charts positions

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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