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Minnesota   (Germany)

EuroDance group
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What's Up
I Feel Love
Without You
92 1993 1994


Minnesota singles

What's Up What's Up 13th Sep 1993  LISTEN
I Feel Love I Feel Love 1994  LISTEN
Without You Without You 9th May 1994



Minnesota biography

The first single What's Up was produced by ABM, mixed by Ralf Kappmaier, was a cover of the 4 Non Blondes hit. It stayed 10 weeks in the Swiss wharts, peaking to #22. The B-side Move Your Bodywas written and composed by Ralf Kappmeier, Thomas Alisson, Markus Bräuer, Carlo Robbins and Dirk Sengotta.

Without You were released in 1994 under Coconut Records/BMG Germany. It stayed 3 weeks in the Swiss charts. It was written and composed by Thomas Evans and Pete Ham, produced by Smiley Jay and Claudio Di Carlo.

I Feel Love was written and composed by Karin van Haaren, Don Chereyne, Tom Jamski and Fredi Smalls. It was produced by Alex Trime and Sven "Delgado Jordan. It is not clear wether it was actually released as single or not. Maybe it was only a B-side of Without You.

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