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Marklund Petra

Marklund (Petra)  (Sweden)

EuroDance member
Added : 02/11/2010
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Latest Petra Marklund news

06/12/2014 : Petra Marklund (September) recorded Closer, a ballad for Stop, Play, Rewind - The Monopoly Game, a theatre show that she'll be appearing in. Petra is signed up to host another season of Allsång På Skansen

07/06/2014 : Petra Marklund (September) will be the new host of TV show Allsång på Skansen (means Sing-along at Skansen) on Swedish channel SVT during summer of 2014, every Tuesday between 20:00 and 21:00 (local time). More infos.

28/03/2014 : As part of a promotional campaign by Sony Music Sweden, Petra Marklund (September) recorded a cover of Swedish singer Linnea Henriksson's latest single Cecilia (thanks to Scandipop).

12/09/2012 : Discover a snippet of Petra Marklund's forthcoming single Händerna Mot Himlen (meaning "Hands up in the air" in Swedish). She also launched her own (mini) webpage.

10/09/2012 : Petra Marklund (September)'s forthcoming solo album's release date was advanced to October 17th. It will include 11 tracks. First single to be taken from Inferno will be entitled Händerna mot himlen and it should air from September 14th.

04/09/2012 : Petra Marklund's (September) forthcoming solo album title was changed to Inferno.


Petra Marklund albums

Sleeve available Teen Queen 1999
Sleeve available Inferno 17th Oct 2012


Petra Marklund singles

Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Händerna mot himlen 14th Sep 2012 Click to listen to Marklund Petra - Händerna mot himlen   LISTEN



Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Berdie - Birdie Num Num 1998  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge September - La La La (Never Give It Up) 2nd Jun 2003  
September - September All Over 18th Feb 2004  
September - All Over 20th Feb 2004  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge September - Satellites 6th Jul 2005  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge September - Looking For Love 19th Oct 2005  
September - Flowers On The Grave 1st Mar 2006  
September - It Doesn't Matter May 2006  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge September - Cry For You 29th Nov 2006  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge September - Can't Get Over 20th Jun 2007  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge September - Until I Die 7th Nov 2007 Click to listen to September - Until I Die   LISTEN  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge September - Because I Love You 2009  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge September - Until I Die 20th Jul 2009 Click to listen to September - Until I Die   LISTEN  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge September - Resuscitate Me 19th Nov 2010 Click to listen to September - Resuscitate Me   LISTEN  


Petra Marklund biography

Petra Eos Marklund was born in September 1987. She is half Swede, half Slovene. She comes from a tradition of folk musicians (her mum once took part to a Slowenian song contest) and in really into space exploration (her dad is professor in astronomy). Her sister designs clothes. Her singing career began in 1998 when Petra was discovered by Swedish producer and songwriter Hans Edler. She then recorded her first album Teen Queen, produced and written by Edler. The sound was dance with a touch of bubble-gum. She had just completed three years of musical training and education. The biggest mistake about her ? "People think I am stupid just because I have blond hair and and sing dance music" she explains.

Since 2003, she's been fronting the project September. And according to rumors, Petra has a superstition: before concerts, she doesn't want to see any calendar that shows any other month but September.

The biography was last updated Tue, November 02nd 2010

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