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Lynda   (Mexico)

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Un Grito En El Corazón
Mi Día De La Independencia
Mi Día De La Independencia (Special Edition)
Blue Jeans
Inseparables (In Alto Mare)
Gira Que Gira
El Amor No Tiene Edad
No Puedo No Quiero
Bang Bang
Un Grito En El Corazón
Jingle Bells
Mi Día De La Independencia
No Quiero Verte
Vivir Sin Él
Corazón Perdido
Maldita Timidez
A Mil Por Hora
Mala Leche
Lo Mejor De Mi
Para Tí
Polen (Todas Las Mujeres)
95 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001


Lynda albums

Lynda Lynda 1996
Un Grito En El Corazón Un Grito En El Corazón 1997
Mi Día De La Independencia Mi Día De La Independencia 1999
Mi Día De La Independencia (Special Edition) Mi Día De La Independencia (Special Edition) 2000
Polen Polen 2001


Lynda singles

Blue Jeans Blue Jeans 1996  LISTEN
Inseparables (In Alto Mare) Inseparables (In Alto Mare) 1996
Chicos Chicos 1996  LISTEN
Gira Que Gira Gira Que Gira 1996  LISTEN
El Amor No Tiene Edad El Amor No Tiene Edad 1996
Bailando Bailando 1997  LISTEN
Dile Dile 1997  LISTEN
No Puedo No Quiero No Puedo No Quiero 1997  LISTEN
Corazón Corazón 1997  LISTEN
Bang Bang Bang Bang 1997  LISTEN
Un Grito En El Corazón Un Grito En El Corazón 1997
Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Compilation only 1997
Mi Día De La Independencia Mi Día De La Independencia 1999
No Quiero Verte No Quiero Verte 1999
Vivir Sin Él Vivir Sin Él 1999
Corazón Perdido Corazón Perdido 1999
Maldita Timidez Maldita Timidez 1999
A Mil Por Hora A Mil Por Hora 2000
Mala Leche Mala Leche 2001
Lo Mejor De Mi Lo Mejor De Mi 2001
Para Tí Para Tí 2001
Polen (Todas Las Mujeres) Polen (Todas Las Mujeres) 2001



Lynda biography

Lynda Aguirre Thomas is a singer, songwriter and producer born on December 21st, 1981, in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. She currently resides in the US.

She was first discovered in 1989, as she was only 8, by producers Carlos Lara and Tino Geizer during a singing contest named "Fantasia Musical". However, her parents decided to delay the recording of an album in order to allow their daughter to concentrate on school and to grow a little bit older. So, her first album Lydia was not released until 1996. From that album sprang three songs Gira que gira, Blue Jeans and El amor no tiene edad. Success was immediate. She received an award from a top selling teen magazine ERES (Best New Singer of 1996).

Her second album Un grito en el corazón was released in 1997. Many hits came from this album : Un grito en el corazón which was massively played on the radios, but also Dile, Bang bang and Corazón.

Later on, she went to work on what was to be her third album, retiring from the music scene during 8 months. She only made a brief comeback in early 1999 to participate with other fellow artists in the recording of the song El Pescador. The song was created as an homage to Pope John Paul II during his visit to Mexico in 1999. Meanwhile, she decided to move to Los Angeles, California, where she took English and music lessons.

Mi Día De La Independencia was the title of her third album. Released in mid-1999, this new musical production offered Lynda the opportunity to branch out and experiment with different genres and musical styles. At least four singles from Mi Dia De La Independencia became hits : Maldita Timidez, No Quiero Verte, Corazón perdido and Mi Día de la Independencia.

When Lynda turned 18, she became an activist and participant of several organizations like Greenpeace and Lazos. She had always felt deeply concerned over human rights issues and the constant degradation of the environment. Lynda made use of what fame she had to warn youth about environmental destruction and other global problems.

2000 : Lynda was involved in the production of a telenovela called Primer Amor: A mil por hora. She was hired to perform two musical theme songs for the teen melodrama. The songs were A Mil Por Hora and Laberinto. Then she went back to her fourth album recording.

2001 : the new album Polen was released. It contained 11 songs, most of them written by Lynda herself. The songs Lo Mejor de Mí, Mala Leche, and Para Tí were taken from the album. Afterwards, she decided to make a pause, to continue her studies (English and music) and to write some songs (some of them for other artists, for instance the pop band RBD).

2006 : Lynda wrote the song No pares and she directed the gospel chorus that was part of 4 songs that were included in the collective album Live in Hollywood. She then adopted the artistic name "Lynda Thomas".

2008 : she is currently working on her fifth album, which is expected to be released in 2009.

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