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Lasgo  (Belgium)

EuroTrance group
Added : 20/11/2001
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Latest Lasgo news

24/07/2013 : Discover the videoclip for Lasgo's current single Feeling Alive.

23/06/2013 : Lasgo's new single is entitled Feeling Alive and it will be out digitally on July 2nd.

20/03/2013 : Lasgo published the videoclip of their new version of Something, featuring Taylor Jones.

07/03/2013 : Lasgo announced that they would be shooting the videoclip for their new single tomorrow. It will be a new version of Something, featuring Taylor Jones, to be released on March 20th

08/01/2013 : Jelle van Dael, Peter Luts and Taylor Jones recorded a new version of Lasgo's hit Something.

24/09/2012 : Jelle presented Lasgo's new single Can't Stop during an interview on Q Music.

09/05/2012 : Discover the videoclip of Lasgo's new single Sky High, featuring dancer and model Meysam Noori.


Lasgo albums

Sleeve available Some Things 2001
Sleeve available Some Things (2nd Edition) 2002
Sleeve available Some Things (Special edition) 2 CDs 3rd Mar 2003
Sleeve available Far Away 24th Jan 2005
Sleeve available Smile 30th Sep 2009


Lasgo singles

Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Something May 2001 Click to listen to Lasgo - Something   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Alone 24th Oct 2001 Click to listen to Lasgo - Alone   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Pray 22nd Oct 2002 Click to listen to Lasgo - Pray   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Surrender 2003 Click to listen to Lasgo - Surrender   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge All Night Long 27th Dec 2004 Click to listen to Lasgo - All Night Long   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Who's That Girl 29th Jun 2005 Click to listen to Lasgo - Who\'s That Girl   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Lying 7th Nov 2005 Click to listen to Lasgo - Lying   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Hold Me Now 11th Jul 2006 Click to listen to Lasgo - Hold Me Now   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Out Of My Mind Sep 2008 Click to listen to Lasgo - Out Of My Mind   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Gone Mar 2009 Click to listen to Lasgo - Gone   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Lost 24th Aug 2009 Click to listen to Lasgo - Lost   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Over You Nov 2009 Click to listen to Lasgo - Over You   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Tonight 21st Jun 2010 Click to listen to Lasgo - Tonight   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Here With Me 27th Jun 2011
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Sky High 7th May 2012 Click to listen to Lasgo - Sky High   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Can't Stop 3rd Oct 2012 Click to listen to Lasgo - Can\'t Stop   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Something 2013 (feat. Taylor Jones) 20th Mar 2013 Click to listen to Lasgo - Something 2013   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Feeling Alive 2nd Jul 2013 Click to listen to Lasgo - Feeling Alive   LISTEN


Lasgo remixes

Pray 2002 Click to listen to Lasgo - Pray   LISTEN



Lasgo biography

The Lasgo project was created by the producers and keyboardists Peter Luts and David Vervoort. The name Lasgo comes from the city of Glasgow, which is very dear to the producers... It featured the female vocalist Evi "Evy" Goffin, born on 27th February 1981 in Antwerp. She was no newcomer in the musical business : under the name of Medusa, she released a single entitled Miss You with Fiocco. She also took part to the track New Year's Day, a trance cover of U2, with 2 Fabiola. As for, Peter Luts, he has been already producing for A&S Productions for more than 5 years and did remixes for Milk Inc. David Vervoort (aka Dave McCullen) is a singer-producer-performer who had been previously DJ-ing for over 7 years in Belgian clubs and sometimes in other countries.

Lasgo hit the eurotrance scene with their first single and instant hit Something, released in July 2001. It entered the Belgian CD Singles Top10 and remained during more than 7 seven weeks, with a highest place at # 5.

Their very first live appearance took place on the Holiday Party, one of the biggest school's out party's in Belgium. TMF (the Belgian video-clip channel) recorded the show to produce a video clip. In Spain, where the track was released simultaneously, the results were great : the single was the best selling vinyl at the distributor the week of its release ! Afterwards the song was signed with Elektrola (Germany) and Positiva (UK). A videoclip was shot in Prague. 2 forthcoming singles followed : Alone (released for October 29th) and Pray.

On the 27th of October, Lasgo won the Belgian TMF Award of the best national single for Something (which sold gold). On November 19th their debut album was released : entitled Some Things, it contains 11 songs plus 2 remixes of the first singles.

2002 : Lasgo recorded 3 new tracks entitled Searching, You and I Wonder. The tracks will be on a repacked album which will also feature a lot of remixes of their hits. The release is planned for the end of this year. Lasgo's new single was at first planned to be I Wonder (its release was even set for the 2nd of September) but I could be rather Pray. The videoclip has been recorded in the US (in Long Island) and the vinyl will be released worldwide on the 14th of October. It'll feature remixes by Peter Luts, Dave McCullen, Driftwood and Kidjemet & Kovac.

Finally Pray was released in Germany on the 22nd of October, and the US on the 18th of November. It did pretty well there : in their 10th week they climbed to #46 in the US Billboard Top 100.

2003 : Lasgo released a new single called Surrender.

2004 : in February, Surrender went up to # 9 in Belgium and #5 in the German DJ Playlist, it also peaked up to #14 in the Danish Dancechart and in Finland too. Surrender was released in the UK under Positiva on the 19th of April.

At the Midem 2004 music conference in Cannes (France), Lasgo was one of the winners of the European Border Breakers award. This award, given out by the European Commision, aimed to enhance the exchange/export of popmusic across country borders.

In October 2004, Lasgo was again awarded for their hitsingle Something. At the BMI Awards ceremony held in the Ballroom of London's Dorchester Hotel they were the first Belgian act ever to receive the USA Pop 2003 and USA Dance 2003 award. The awards recognized the great popularity in the US as measured by broadcast performances and playlists. Other BMI Award winners were Sting, Seal, Van Morisson, T.A.T.U., Queen, Elton John.

The second single from the new album is called All Night long. It was released on vinyl December 20th 2004 and on CD single in January 2005. The new album is called Far Away and will most probably be released at the end of January. The vocalist/songwriter Annemie Coenen from Ian Van Dahl wrote together with Peter & David all the lyrics.

In December, Surrender went #1 in the USA Billboard Dance radio chart.

2005 : Evi Goffin is pregnant. They performed live in Copenhagen at the end of February. The Lasgo team created Lasgoline, a collection of six chairs designed by f**k design, founded by the rising star of Belgian furniture design, Marc De Gols. Every piece of furniture was named after a Lasgo song.

Lasgo's new single will be entitled Who's That Girl, featuring Dave Beyer. It should be released in June. On May 18th, the videoclip was shot in Gent. Without Evy because she's in her last month of pregnancy.

Lasgo's next single was released in November. Entitled Lying, it was beautifully remixed.

2006 : in January, Turbulence UK finished all UK remixes for Lasgo's single All Night Long. Release was planned for March 2006. A tour in the UK is planned during the months of February and March.

Ian Van Dahl and Lasgo will be coming to Brasil from 4th till 9th April 2006. The show was announced as an exclusive battle between Evi & Annemie (Ian Van Dahl). Another part of this tour should took place in the US in May and June.

Lasgo's new single in the US was Hold Me Now, scheduled to release Tuesday, June 27th, 2006.

2007 : Peter Luts started his solo project, an album is planned for this year. He released a single with Barbara Tucker called One. As for David Vervoort (aka Dave McCullen), he had a lot of success with his debut single Bitch. Evi announced that she was leaving the project. All these elements could lead fans to believe that Lasgo was over, but the management said that the project wold continue.

2008 : in May, Alex Megane released their first official cover of Lasgo's hit Something. Lasgo's search for their new vocalist was the theme of a real-TV show called Let's Go Lasgo, broadcasted on Jim TV during summer. The new vocalist was called Jelle van Daele, and the new single was Out Of My Mind.

2009 : Lasgo's new single is entitled Gone. The video was shot in Los Angeles. It went #5 in the Belgian Ultratop, the official singles chart. It was also chosen as their dance smash by Radio 538, the biggest Dutch radiostation

The follow-up single was entitled Lost and it was released in August. The video was shot in Blackpool (UK). It started immediately to climb the national charts. The new album is entitled Smile, released on September. In October, Lasgo was nominated as best dance national to the TMF Awards 2009, but did not win. They opened the ceremony, with Jelle dressed in a catwoman outfit. The follow-up single was entitled Over You.

2010 : in March and April, Jelle took part to the show Sterren op de Dansvloer on VTM. Lasgo's new single was entitled Tonight. They shot their videoclip in LA.

2011 : Besides her role as Lasgo singer and frontlady, Jelle Van Dael is also working as a VJ on Jim TV. Lasgo took part to charity project Dance 4 Life, collecting money to educate young people in order to push back the spread of AIDS and HIV. Lasgo's new single Here With Me was released in June. Videoclip was shot once again in LA.

2012 : Lasgo's new single Sky High videoclip featured dancer and model Meysam Noori. In September, Jelle presented Lasgo's new single Can't Stop during an interview on Q Music.

2013 : they released a new version of Lasgo's hit Something. In June, they released follow-up single Feeling Alive.

Remixes done by Lasgo team.

Atomic Kitten – The Tide Is High (2002)
Aurora - The Day It Rained Forever (2002)
Driftwood - Freeloader (2002)

Lasgo at Dancevibes Belgium
Thanks to Felix, Tavi Meran, Anders Bøgh, Anton "MC Kasper" Skaletsky, Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin and DJ Stakan

The biography was last updated Thu, July 25th 2013

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Charts (singles)

Australia Austria Belgium Denmark Finland Netherlands Switzerland
Something #19 #9 #5 #7 #7 #59
Alone #43 #25 #3 #46 #89
Pray #43 #11 #32
Surrender #6 #14
All Night Long #8 #22
Who's That Girl #22
Lying #16 #5 #45
Out Of My Mind #7 #26
Gone #5 #13 #17
Lost #4

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