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Housecream   (Italy)

EuroDance group
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I Can't Go On
Get Me Into Your Heart
Lonely Mind
Beat It
You, Danger
Dance Boom Boom
Lucky Love
Boys Boys Boys
Gimme Hope Jo'Anna
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Saturday Night
You Get My Heart
Piece Of My Heart
Honey Honey
On My Own
Teardrops On My Guitar
Still Not Sorry
You Belong With Me
Heavy Cross
Ease On Down The Road
Make Me
Walk Right Now
Brass In Pocket
If We Ever Meet Again
Shadows Of The Night
Another Night
Good Feelin'
She Makes Me Wanna
Never Will Be Mine
#1 In Heaven
Her World Goes On
Glad You Came
Be My Lover
How We Do (Party)
We Are Never Getting Back Together
State Of Grace
Stay Strong
I Knew You Were Trouble
Get Ready
They Long To Be Close To You
Find You
Break Free
Hold Back The River
Touch Me (All Night Long)
Ain't Too Cool
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25/07/2012 : SAIFAM's project Housecream is back too, with a single entitled How We Do (Party)

23/05/2010 : ... and the series continues, this time it's Housecream with an bouncy cover of the Pretender's Brass In Pocket.

02/04/2001 : Housecream released the single Honey Honey

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Housecream singles

I Can't Go On I Can't Go On 10th Apr 1993  LISTEN
Get Me Into Your Heart Get Me Into Your Heart (feat Jo) 25th Mar 1994  LISTEN
Lonely Mind Lonely Mind (feat Jo) 2nd Jul 1994  LISTEN
Beat It Beat It 19th Feb 1996  LISTEN
You, Danger You, Danger Apr 1996  LISTEN
Dance Boom Boom Dance Boom Boom 12th Jun 1996  LISTEN
Lucky Love Lucky Love 21st Jan 1997  LISTEN
Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys Mar 1997
Gimme Hope Jo'Anna Gimme Hope Jo'Anna (feat Duffy) 23rd Jun 1997  LISTEN
Knowing Me, Knowing You Knowing Me, Knowing You 20th Nov 1997  LISTEN
Saturday Night Saturday Night 1998  LISTEN
You Get My Heart You Get My Heart 22nd Mar 1999  LISTEN
Life Life 5th Jan 2000  LISTEN
Piece Of My Heart Piece Of My Heart 19th Jun 2000  LISTEN
Honey Honey Honey Honey 2nd Apr 2001  LISTEN
Bossy Bossy 2008  LISTEN
Vacation Vacation 3rd Jan 2008  LISTEN
On My Own On My Own 7th Feb 2008  LISTEN
Teardrops On My Guitar Teardrops On My Guitar 27th Mar 2008
Forgive Forgive 2nd Jun 2008  LISTEN
Rush Rush 16th Jun 2008  LISTEN
Still Not Sorry Still Not Sorry 22nd Jul 2008  LISTEN
Lovelight Lovelight 14th Oct 2008  LISTEN
Wonderful Wonderful 9th Dec 2008  LISTEN
You Belong With Me You Belong With Me 15th Dec 2008  LISTEN
Heavy Cross Heavy Cross 2nd Dec 2009  LISTEN
Ease On Down The Road Ease On Down The Road 2010  LISTEN
Make Me Make Me 5th Feb 2010  LISTEN
Walk Right Now Walk Right Now 4th May 2010  LISTEN
Brass In Pocket Brass In Pocket 22nd May 2010  LISTEN
Downtown Downtown 10th Jun 2010
If We Ever Meet Again If We Ever Meet Again 30th Jul 2010
Touch Touch 25th Sep 2010  LISTEN
Shadows Of The Night Shadows Of The Night 12th May 2011  LISTEN
Another Night Another Night 30th Jul 2011  LISTEN
Good Feelin' Good Feelin' 9th Sep 2011
She Makes Me Wanna She Makes Me Wanna 27th Oct 2011
Never Will Be Mine Never Will Be Mine 24th Nov 2011
#1 In Heaven #1 In Heaven 7th Apr 2012  LISTEN
Her World Goes On Her World Goes On 11th Apr 2012  LISTEN
Glad You Came Glad You Came 25th May 2012  LISTEN
Be My Lover Be My Lover 14th Jul 2012  LISTEN
How We Do (Party) How We Do (Party) 26th Jul 2012  LISTEN
We Are Never Getting Back Together We Are Never Getting Back Together 10th Nov 2012  LISTEN
Red Red 30th Nov 2012  LISTEN
State Of Grace State Of Grace 12th Dec 2012  LISTEN
Stay Strong Stay Strong 20th Apr 2013  LISTEN
I Knew You Were Trouble I Knew You Were Trouble 9th May 2013  LISTEN
Get Ready Get Ready 24th Jul 2013  LISTEN
They Long To Be Close To You They Long To Be Close To You 4th Mar 2014  LISTEN
Find You Find You 26th Aug 2014  LISTEN
Break Free Break Free 27th Sep 2014  LISTEN
Animals Animals 13th Dec 2014  LISTEN
Up Up 27th Jan 2015  LISTEN
Hold Back The River Hold Back The River 28th Apr 2015  LISTEN
Touch Me (All Night Long) Touch Me (All Night Long) 23rd Jun 2015  LISTEN
Alone Alone 27th Oct 2015  LISTEN
Ain't Too Cool Ain't Too Cool 30th Jan 2016  LISTEN
Candyman Candyman 3rd May 2016  LISTEN



Housecream biography

Records company : SAIFAM Publishing Group. All singles were recorded and mixed either at Factory Sound Studios, either at Mela Studio (both located in Verona). According to the project's official biography, the project featured Jo'-Jill House and Steve Cream, two 25 years old English artists, close friends not only on the stage. They have always had the passion for the music, and they were moving the first steps in the show business working like sessionmen in several record productions, when they met the producers Farina-Crivellente. The Housecream project was born. Although the music, their job in the clubs and the work in the studios for their new releases they don't leave their old habits. Jo'-Jill dedicates her free time to the dance and the photography, Steve dedicates his free time to his dogs.

The first single to be released by the project was entitled I Can't Go On. It was arranged and produced by F.C.F. (Farina/Crivellente/Facchinetti) with additional Production by Johnny Mix and Fabio Serra. It was mixed at Factory Sound Studios in Verona. Additional Remix by AGENT 333. It was released in 1993 under the label 21st Century.

Then, the next year, came the very nice Get Me Into Your Heart, featuring the voice of Jo. The music and the lyrics were written by M. Farina, G. Crivellente, and Annerly Gordon (which can make us think she is also the real vocalist) and F. Serra. It was produced by M. Farina and G. Crivellente with additional production by Johnny Mix and Fabio Serra, just as the previous single. On the vinyl one could find an Instrumental version, a V. D. A. Edit, and of course a radio version and a club mix. It was also released in Germany as maxi-CD, under the label ZYX.

In 1994 too was released the follow-up single : Lonely Mind. Same production team, and once again it featured the voice of Jo (maybe Annerly) with a rapper. The track would be later covered by TH Express, another SAIFAM project. The vinyl included a Club Mix, a Factory Team Remix and a Radio Mix (done by Johnny Mix and Fabio Serra), and a V.D.A. Edit (done by F. Turatti)

Then came Beat It in 1995, still produced by the duo Farina-Crivellente in collaboration with F. Turatti and Factory Team.The vinyl included the following mixes : Factory House Edit, Energy Power Mix, Euro-dance and Radio Mix

You Danger was released in 1996. It was composed and written by M. Farina, F. Turatti, G. Crivellente and Clara Moroni (who could also be the vocalist).

It was followed by Dance Boom Boom, a track written and composed by M. Farina, R. Stecca and F. Serra, with 4 mixes (Factory Team Mix, Radio Edit, Party-Mix and 70's Mix, these 2 latest being produced by R. Stecca and F. & M. Smania).

In 1997, a very prolific year, was released Lucky Love, which was composed by A. Bindella, M. Farina and F. Turatti. There were 3 mixes included : an Alviz Mix, a Guitar Latino Mix and a FM Edit.

The follow-up to Lucky Love was Gimme Hope Jo'Anna, a cover of Eddy Grant's hit. It included a B-side entitled Gimme Groove Jo'Anna, and featured the voice of Duffy. It was produced by M. Farina and F.Turatti, recorded for once at Universal Studios (still in Verona). Then came Knowing Me Knowing You, a cover of ABBA, with a B-side named Houzy, produced by F. Turatti alone.

The year 1998 started with Saturday Night, composed and written by F. Serra, M. Farina and G. Crivellente, back to Factory Sound Studios. Apart from the usual Factory Team Mix there was also a Barbie Mix and a 7" edit.

In 1999 was released You Get My Heart, produced by M. Farina and Factory Team, with 2 mixes only : a Factory dance Mix and a Factory Alternative Mix. Afterwards came Life, written and composed by M. Farina and F. Serra, the same year.

2000 : Housecream released Piece Of My Heart, composed and produced by the same team as usual.

2001 : their latest single was Honey Honey, once again a cover of ABBA.

2010 : Housecream released an bouncy cover of the Pretender's Brass In Pocket.

Thanks to Klems and Gianni

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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