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Gomez Raquel

Gomez (Raquel)   (Germany)

EuroDance group
Added : 04/09/2006
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Over And Over
River (Run Dry)
River II
Ritmo Nacional
You're The One
Do You Really Want My Love
So Strung Out
Whenever You Want Me
Future World
Planet Love
La Vida Bonita
Kalimba De Luna
Stella 1999 - 1992 (How Stella Got Her Groove Back)
Somewhere Out There
Man on the Moon
92 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002


Raquel Gomez singles

Funky Funky 1993
Over And Over Over And Over 2nd Dec 2002


Featurings and collaborations

River (Run Dry) Public Art - River (Run Dry) 4th Nov 1993  LISTEN  
Holiday Candy - Holiday 1994  
River II Public Art - River II 15th Apr 1994  
Ritmo Nacional Matador - Ritmo Nacional 1995  
You're The One Hysterie - You're The One 10th Jan 1995  
Do You Really Want My Love 2 Heads - Do You Really Want My Love 20th Jan 1995  LISTEN  
So Strung Out C-Block - So Strung Out 1996  
Whenever You Want Me Powersound - Whenever You Want Me 30th Apr 1996  
Future World Hope - Future World 24th Jul 1996  LISTEN  
Planet Love Intermission - Planet Love 22nd May 1997  
Bamboleo Garcia - Bamboleo 27th Jun 1997  LISTEN  
La Vida Bonita Garcia - La Vida Bonita 25th Jun 1998  LISTEN  
Kalimba De Luna Garcia - Kalimba De Luna 15th Jun 1999  LISTEN  
Stella 1999 - 1992 (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) Jam and Spoon - Stella 1999 - 1992 (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) 21st Jul 1999  
Somewhere Out There T-One - Somewhere Out There 2000  


La Vida Bonita Garcia - La Vida Bonita 25th Jun 1998  LISTEN  


La Vida Bonita Garcia - La Vida Bonita 25th Jun 1998  LISTEN  
Kalimba De Luna Garcia - Kalimba De Luna 15th Jun 1999  LISTEN  

Aliases - Records released under other names

Man on the Moon Raquel - Man on the Moon 1995  


Raquel Gomez biography

Raquel was born in Spain but grew up in Wiesbaden (Germany). At the age of 15 she entered her first band, and met the guitarist Carlos Alfonso de Jesus. In 1994 she was spotted by the team T. Fenslau/ N. Katzmann/ D. Laurent and became the vocalist on Public Art's second single River.

In 1995 : Raquel contributed as writer and co-composer to Matador's Ritmo Nacional, released under Maad Records. The same year, she was the voice on Intermission's Planet Love. She also appeared on 2 Heads (for the single Do You Really Want My Love) and Hysterie (only on the single You're The One). Then she released her first solo single under the name Raquel : Man on the Moon.

In 1996 she took part as female vocalist to the projects Hope (as Raquel Gomez-Rey). She also did vocals for C-Block So Strung Out (# 4 in the German Top 100) and Jam & Spoon Stella 99.

In 1997 she became a member of the Garcia project together with Rod D. She recorded the singles Bamboleo (that she co-wrote), La Vida Bonita and Kalimba De Luna. The she left the project.

In 1999, she gave her voice to the vocal version of Stella by Jam & Spoon.

In 2000, she appeared on T-One's single Somewhere Out There.

In 2002, after meeting Carlos Alfonso de Jesus again, she came back to her solo-career, releasing the single Over And Over.

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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