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Frittelli Fabio

Frittelli (Fabio)   (Italy)

EuroDance member
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Eins, Zwei, Polizei
Super Gut
Gema Tanzen
93 1994 1995

Latest Fabio Frittelli news

09/02/2013 : Italian Dance Network created a Facebook tribute page/event in homage to Fabio Frittelli and Mo-Do. There will be also a special radio show in memory of Mo-Do moderated by Thommy Slivovitz on IDN radio today at 15:45.

06/02/2013 : Fabio Frittelli (Mo-Do) was found dead in his home in Udine (Italy) this afternoon (thanks to Ketty Nielsen and Ivan)

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Featurings and collaborations

Eins, Zwei, Polizei Mo-Do - Eins, Zwei, Polizei 16th May 1994  LISTEN  
Super Gut Mo-Do - Super Gut 27th Oct 1994  LISTEN  
Gema Tanzen Mo-Do - Gema Tanzen 24th Apr 1995  LISTEN  

Productions, co-production, executive production

Get Your Freedom F and F - Get Your Freedom 28th Mar 1994  LISTEN  


Gema Tanzen Mo-Do - Gema Tanzen 24th Apr 1995  LISTEN  


Fabio Frittelli biography

Fabio was born on 24th July, 1966 in Monfalcone (Province of Gorizia, Italy). His mother Silvana is an Austrian teacher, his father Graziano a translater in a import-export company. Fabio had his first musical experience as a leader of the hard rock group Blue The King. Then he was bassist for a group called Validi Alibi. He also used to be a model for Dolce & Gabbana, JP Gaultier, Armani and Kenzo

Afterwards he met the producer Claudio Zennaro, and he became the frontman of eurodance project Mo-Do. He also produced F&F - Get Your Freedom and 24 Monkeys - Monkey Chop.

Fabio collects butterflies and is non-smoker. He is 1,84m tall. He speaks Italian, German, English and a few French. He uses German for his songs because he thinks it fits well to this musical style. He loves to dance. According to him, his main quality is to be honest. His weakness in that he is not very physionomist. During the Mo-Do times, he had a girlfriend called Katia.

2001 : according to rumors, Mo-Do's two labels, Dancing Ferret and ZYX Music ended their contract with the project. Still according to gossips, Fabio became addicted to nitrous oxide began but after 7 months of addiction he checked into rehab and has been clean ever since...

2003 : Fabio Frittelli co-wrote and produced Space 2999's single Tanz Mit Den Roboten with F. Contadini. The single was released in February.

2013 : Fabio was found dead in his home in Udine (Italy), probably from suicide, on the afternoon of Ferbaury 6th.

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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