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Dr No   (Austria)

EuroDance group
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In The Middle Of The Night
How Do You Do
Stand By Me
95 1996 1997 1998


Dr No singles

In The Middle Of The Night In The Middle Of The Night 1996
Nightrain Nightrain 1996
How Do You Do How Do You Do 1998
Stand By Me Stand By Me 1998



Dr No biography

Dr No is probably a tribute to James Bond... Since the producer is called Tony Bond ! This project of SRA records comes from Vienna. It features at least one female vocalist (Tiny on How Do You Do?, Monika B. on Nightrain) and 2 rappers. Their song In The Middle Of The Night is a very nice and powerful eurodance track. It was featured on a compilation of the Krypta series. Dr No released 3 singles : Nightrain, Stand By Me and How Do You Do. He also recorded a track called Booyaka which appears on the compilations Steve's Freestyle Management and also as B-side of his singles.

They did some live gigs in Austria only, they appeared on stage behind masks and a lot of pyrotechnic effets. Tony Bond also recorded a single in 1999 featuring Sweet Sixteen, called Everything You Got. He also produced a track by D-End called Common Boy. He was also involved into the DJ Sonic project (for the wonderful song Turn On The Music).

A track entitled Popcorn was recorded and released in June 1994, but apparently it is not the same project. A maxi called La Luna was released in 2000, it could also be another project. It's a Trance tune and the maxi contains 4 mixes.

Thanks to Ninja and Vision
Dr No at SRA Records

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