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Dr No  (Austria)

EuroDance group
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Sleeve available - Click to enlarge In The Middle Of The Night 1996
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Nightrain 1996
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge How Do You Do 1998
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Stand By Me 1998



Dr No biography

Dr No is probably a tribute to James Bond... Since the producer is called Tony Bond ! This project of SRA records comes from Vienna. It features at least one female vocalist (Tiny on How Do You Do?, Monika B. on Nightrain) and 2 rappers. Their song In The Middle Of The Night is a very nice and powerful eurodance track. It was featured on a compilation of the Krypta series. Dr No released 3 singles : Nightrain, Stand By Me and How Do You Do. He also recorded a track called Booyaka which appears on the compilations Steve's Freestyle Management and also as B-side of his singles.

They did some live gigs in Austria only, they appeared on stage behind masks and a lot of pyrotechnic effets. Tony Bond also recorded a single in 1999 featuring Sweet Sixteen, called Everything You Got. He also produced a track by D-End called Common Boy. He was also involved into the DJ Sonic project (for the wonderful song Turn On The Music).

A track entitled Popcorn was recorded and released in June 1994, but apparently it is not the same project. A maxi called La Luna was released in 2000, it could also be another project. It's a Trance tune and the maxi contains 4 mixes.

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Dr No at SRA Records

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