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Daze   (Denmark)

Bubble Gum group
Added : 20/11/2001
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They Came To Rule
In The Middle Of The Night
Toy Boy
Together Forever (Tamagotchi)
15 Minutes Of Fame
2nd Chance
Fool Me
We Own The Universe
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Latest Daze news

17/01/2013 : Among the other competitors in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to represent Denmark at Eurovision Song Contest, none other than blubble-gum project Daze and their song We Own The Universe. More infos

25/07/2012 : After 12 years of silence, Daze are back with a new single entitled Fool Me!. This cover of a song originally released by Romanian singer Anya was only released in Denmark so far.

09/11/2011 : Daze produced a duet between Bulgarian artist Marteen and Trine Bix entitled Promianata si ti. This is not their first collaboration : in 2009 Trine Bix and Marteen were featured by Raina on the single Nesho Nemoralno.

04/04/2011 : Daze are back. They started a mini tour. Jesper announced during an interview that they had recorded some new songs, and also did new mixes for their old songs.

03/05/2008 : Daze could also make a comeback, with the same team (thanks to Klems)

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Daze albums

Superheroes Superheroes 1998
They Came To Rule They Came To Rule 2001


Daze singles

In The Middle Of The Night In The Middle Of The Night  LISTEN
Superhero Superhero 16th Jul 1997  LISTEN
Toy Boy Toy Boy 1998  LISTEN
Together Forever (Tamagotchi) Together Forever (Tamagotchi) 5th Jun 1998
15 Minutes Of Fame 15 Minutes Of Fame Sep 1999
2nd Chance 2nd Chance 2000  LISTEN
Fool Me Fool Me 23rd Jul 2012  LISTEN
We Own The Universe We Own The Universe Compilation only 22nd Jan 2013



Daze biography

Daze is a project of Johnny Jam & Delgado (Aqua, Me & My). Daze's career has really turned into a true fairytale for singer Trine Bix and her two partners songwriters/musicians, Sieber and Jesper aka J.T. - the trio which constitutes the turbo-pop-phenomenon Daze.

With their first single - Superhero - Daze broke the sound barrier in their home country, where this song quickly became the fastest selling single of 1997 (if you count out Elton John), reaching for example # 6 in Israel. Since then Superhero has been awarded both Gold and Platinum all over Scandinavia, where Daze continue their quest for the top of the charts. The two follow-up singles Toy Boy and Together Forever (The Cyber Pet Song) - formerly known as Tamagotchi - have both ruled the radio stations in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Together Forever is a tribute to Virtual Pets all over the world and especially the most famous of them all, the Tamagotchi. When the debut album, Super Heroes, was released in October 1997, it immediately charted, in Finland with a peak at No. 1 and in Denmark with a peak at No. 3.

In Norway the album has turned Gold. Scandinavia has taken to Daze in such a way that more than 250,000 copies of the Super Heroes album have leapt over the counter. In February 1998 Daze received a Grammy Award for best Dance Album of 1997 at the prestigious Danish Grammy.

Despite the fact that Daze's career is still new, they have already given loads of concerts all around Scandinavia and are certainly fit for fight now that the fairytale continues outside of the Nordic countries. All over the world the belief in Daze and their hitmaking ability is so high that the group's very first album Super Heroes has become a major priority everywhere - which means that Daze and their energetic pop songs will reach out to all corners of the world, from the US to Taiwan, from the UK to Portugal, during 1998.

First international single Superhero has already gained attention in the US with a peak as #27 in Billboards Hot Dance Music / Maxi Single Sales and a first week entry in the Hot 100 Singles Chart as #88. The video can be viewed at The Box (US only). In the UK, the single peaked in the PopChart as #3.

The recipe for this success is the most classic of pop stories - Bix, Sieber and J.T. write the kind of songs that you simply cannot get out of your head again. And the producers behind the album are amongst the heavyweights of today's modern popmusic - Johnny Jam & Delgado, Dean'N'&Mögtz (Maria Montell, Me & My) and The Uhlmann Bros (Dr. Alban).

1999 : after almost 2 years of silence, Daze is back with a new single entitled 15 Minutes Of Fame announcing their new album They Came To Rule. But this track didn't have the success expected.

2000 : thier second single 2nd Chance was released. Its radio version was totally reworked by DJ Jurgen (who produced Alice Deejay's first single) and it has fantastic female vocals, and great synths.

2008 : according to rumors, Daze could be back, with their original members. There could be a tour, and an upcoming album featuring old songs as well as new mixes.

2011 : Daze produced a duet between Bulgarian artist Marteen and Trine Bix entitled Promianata si ti.

Thanks to Klems

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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