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Danuma   (Sweden)

EuroDance group
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Look At Your Man
I Wish I Could Fly
The Rhythm Of The Tribe
93 1994 1995


Danuma singles

Look At Your Man Look At Your Man 1994  LISTEN
Summertime Summertime 1994  LISTEN
I Wish I Could Fly I Wish I Could Fly 1995


Featurings and collaborations

Godfather Cool James and Black Teacher - Godfather 1994  LISTEN  
The Rhythm Of The Tribe Cool James and Black Teacher - The Rhythm Of The Tribe 1994  LISTEN  


Danuma biography

Real name : Nuru Magram. Producer : James Dandu (from Cool James & Black Teacher). Danuma is a project of Pierre Jerksten.

In 1994 Danuma contributed to Cool James & Black Teacher's album Zooming You as backing vocalist (on Godfather, Knockin' You, Innocent Children, The Rhythm Of The Tribe, Madame For Me and Coocoo You).

The first track on the single Look At Your Man was RnB, but its S.F.C. Remix was an excellent eurodance track. Summertime was more downtempo. I Wish I Could Fly was a house/garage track.

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