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DJ Ricci

DJ Ricci   (Italy)

AKA : Riccardo Testoni
EuroDance group
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1995 EP
The X-Clone
94 1995 1996 1997


DJ Ricci singles

1995 EP 1995 EP 1995
The X-Clone The X-Clone 1997



Eternity Datura - Eternity 18th Sep 1993  LISTEN  
The 7th Hallucination Datura - The 7th Hallucination 28th May 1994  
El Sueno Datura - El Sueno 15th Nov 2002  


DJ Ricci biography

DJ Ricci (aka DJ Liebe-Rubenart-Sgamboy) was born Riccardo Testoni in April 30th 1963 in Ferrara (Italy). As a deejay, he did appearances in all Italy (from the Vae Victis, Echoes, Cocoricò, City area, Insomnia, Sincopate, Sugar Club, Star Cake and Matis) and abroad (in Greece, Spain, Switzerland...)

He contributed to many dance, techno and eurodance projects. Among them : Ramirez, Valeria Vix, Datura, Dance or Die, 2 Without Heads, 666 (not the German techno project), Avalone One, Masoko, Masoko Solo, Neutopia, Omega, R2DM, Toys & Dolls, Trashman, Spunky...

In 1992, he created Glam with Elvio Moratto. Their first release Hell's Party was copied by Urban Cookie Collective when they composed their hit The Key The Secret. Sex Drive, eurodance version of the Dead or Alive hit, included a special guest contribution of the group's singer. Ricki Persi & Davide Rizzati (aka the DFC Team) also contributed to the project.

He collaborated with other deejays such as MC Hair, Moratto or Fabietto DJ. He released a few solo singles under the name DJ Ricci. One of them, X-clone was remixed by Miss Groovy (Paola Peroni).

He also did remixes for many artists : Ramirez, Ella G - Forever (the Euro mix), Do It! - Carico, Carico, Carico (the Bla Bla Bleep mix), Transformer 2 - Pacific Symphony (the Italian Smooth Remix), Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny, Dial 77 - I. C. Love Affair, Moratto - La Pastilla Del Fuego, Toys & Dolls - Tesko Lovers.

He died on the 8th of July 2000, from a heart infarction while he was driving back in his Audi A6 from the club where he was working. He was expected to present the summer releases in the club Cocorico in Riccione, one of Italy's most famour clubs. He was only 37.

Thanks to Nico and Ben

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