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Culture Beat   (Germany)

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The Remix Album
Inside Out
Best Of
The Loungin' Side of Culture Beat
Der Erdbeermund
Cherry Lips / Les Levres Cerise
I Like You
Tell Me That You Wait
No Deeper Meaning
Mr Vain
Got To Get It
DMC Megamix
World in Your Hands
Inside Out
Crying In the Rain
Take Me Away
Under Pressure
Walk The Same Line
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Pay No Mind
You Belong
Mr Vain Recall
Can't Go On Like This
Your Love
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Latest Culture Beat news

03/02/2015 : To celebrate their 25th anniversary, DJ Crayfish made a Culture Beat videomix gathering all their hits since 1989.

09/05/2013 : Beginning of 2013, Culture Beat released The Loungin' Side of Culture Beat, a compilation of lounge, slow or jazz versions of their most famous hits. (Thanks to Krasi)

29/02/2012 : All Culture Beat tracks will be available on iTunes from March 2nd 2012. It's time to complete your collection ! (thanks to Frank Fenslau)

28/07/2009 : Culture beat released a Mr. Vain recall, available on digital megastores only. The single includes a radio version, an extended version and a short version of the song Obssesion. The single was released on 24 July. Get it from Juno. (thanks to eurodance blog and Culture Beat Fan Base)

12/07/2009 : Culture Beat's hit Mr Vain was covered by the project Omega (Pool E Music / Update Records).

25/06/2009 : A big eurodance concert is announced in Latvia on 21st and 22nd August. I will feature Cascada, Snap, Aqua, Groove Coverage, Culture Beat, DJ BoBo, Brooklyn Bounce, Captain Jack, C-Bool et Future Trance United. No info about the precise place or where to buy tickets is available yet (thanks to Klems).

01/06/2008 : The All 90s story continues ! After the 31st May concert, a special event dedicated to Culture Beat will take place on June 23rd 2008 in Docken, Copenhagen (Denmark)

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Culture Beat albums

Obsession Obsession (never released)
Horizon Horizon 8th Mar 1991
Serenity Serenity 3rd Jun 1993
The Remix Album The Remix Album 21st Sep 1994
Inside Out Inside Out 3rd Nov 1995
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis 11th May 1998
Best Of Best Of 30th Jun 2003
The Loungin' Side of Culture Beat The Loungin' Side of Culture Beat 4th Jan 2013

Culture Beat DVDs et VHS

The Videos The Videos 2001 DVD


Culture Beat singles

Der Erdbeermund Der Erdbeermund 1989  LISTEN
Cherry Lips / Les Levres Cerise Cherry Lips / Les Levres Cerise 1990
I Like You I Like You Jan 1991  LISTEN
Tell Me That You Wait Tell Me That You Wait Apr 1991  LISTEN
No Deeper Meaning No Deeper Meaning Oct 1991  LISTEN
Mr Vain Mr Vain Jun 1993  LISTEN
Got To Get It Got To Get It Sep 1993  LISTEN
Anything Anything 1st Dec 1993  LISTEN
DMC Megamix DMC Megamix 1994
World in Your Hands World in Your Hands 18th Mar 1994  LISTEN
Adelante Adelante Sep 1994  LISTEN
Inside Out Inside Out 3rd Nov 1995
Crying In the Rain Crying In the Rain 26th Feb 1996  LISTEN
Take Me Away Take Me Away 17th Jun 1996  LISTEN
Under Pressure Under Pressure Mar 1997  LISTEN
Walk The Same Line Walk The Same Line 27th Sep 1997  LISTEN
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Promo only 1998
Pay No Mind Pay No Mind 16th Feb 1998  LISTEN
Rendez-Vous Rendez-Vous 8th Jun 1998  LISTEN
You Belong You Belong 28th Oct 1998  LISTEN
Insanity Insanity 27th Jul 2001  LISTEN
Mr Vain Recall Mr Vain Recall 2nd Jun 2003  LISTEN
Can't Go On Like This Can't Go On Like This 2004
Your Love Your Love 2008


Culture Beat remixes

Der Erdbeermund Der Erdbeermund 1989  LISTEN
I Like You I Like You 1990  LISTEN
No Deeper Meaning No Deeper Meaning 1991  LISTEN
Tell Me That You Wait Tell Me That You Wait 1991  LISTEN
Anything Anything 1993  LISTEN
Got To Get It Got To Get It 1993  LISTEN
Mr Vain Mr Vain 1993  LISTEN
World in Your Hands World in Your Hands 1994  LISTEN
Inside Out Inside Out 1995
Crying In the Rain Crying In the Rain 1996  LISTEN
Take Me Away Take Me Away 1996  LISTEN
Walk The Same Line Walk The Same Line 1997  LISTEN


Featurings and collaborations

Children Hand In Hand For Children - Children Apr 1996  LISTEN  


Culture Beat biography

Producer : Torsten & Frank Fenslau, Peter Gräber

Culture Beat's claim to fame is closely connected with the history of German dance music. As early as 1989 the band caused a considerable stir in the German and UK charts with Erdbeermund (Cherry Lips, with Jo Van Nelsem, well known cabaret singer in Germany). Further hits such as I Like You and Tell Me That You Wait from the Horizon (with Jay Supreme and Lana E) album followed.

Then, in 1993, Serenity was released and Culture Beat won more or less every available dance and music prize that was up for grabs in Germany that year. (Among other trophies, Torsten Fenslau was awarded the 1993 Echo prize, the highest German music industry award, for 'Producer of the year' and Culture Beat the 1993 Echo for 'Most successful German album abroad').

The single Mr. Vain reached the number one spot in twelve different countries, including 9 weeks in Germany and 4 weeks in the UK, a  # 2 position in Israel and also reached #17 in the Top 20 in the US Billboard Charts (where it sold gold). In all 4.5 million singles were sold world-wide, and the album achieved sales exceeding 1 500 000. As for the following singles, Got to Get It reached # 5, Anything  # 3 and World in Your Hands # 2 in Israel.

At the end of 1993 the band's success story was overshadowed by the tragic death of founder and producer Torsten Fenslau. The question of whether in the light of this there could be any further Culture Beat albums was quickly answered by Frank Fenslau, who vowed to carry on the business and follow in his brother's footsteps. He kept his promise and he has definitely come up with the goods.

Two years passed and Inside Out was ready to hit the market, as a new musical age dawns for Culture Beat. The typical inimitable sound always associated with the band has been further developed, and instead of following the present German hit-parade trend of 'Faster, harder, shorter', the tracks are groovier, with more atmosphere. The trance elements, Jay Supreme's rapping, and the bitter-sweet voice of Tania Evans have been brought clearly to the fore without losing out on the music's danceable quality, most clearly demonstrated on the emotional first single Inside Out.

Quality and originality have been Culture Beat's trademark throughout the years, and this is very obvious on the new album. In producing Inside Out, Frank Fenslau chose an approach which is considered unorthodox in the German dance scene, though perfectly normal for the UK or US. The album was not made by just one person, but by five different production teams (Peter Gräber/Frank Bülow, Perky Park, Cyborg, Doug Laurent, R.U.T.). Each track has its own different and special character, and there is hardly a dance album around to match its varied nature.

These production methods also resulted in hard work for Tania Evans and Jay Supreme.' It was an enormous challenge as we had to familiarise ourselves with each team. Everybody works differently, and as I'm also responsible for the rhythm in my texts, I had to make sure that I quickly found a new basis on which to communicate with each producer', says Jay Supreme. Tania adds, 'During the recording we didn't feel that we were working on any old artificial dance project. The record contains a lot of very personal emotions from all those involved. We don't just think of ourselves as a band, we are one.'

The result is an album which is addictive the first time round: varied sounds and groovy beats which are often closer to house than the typical Euro dance floor. Together with the inimitable atmosphere of trance, rhythmical rap and conceivably the finest and most catchy voice on the dance scene, Tania Evans, the album is also on a par with Jay Supreme's favourite quote, 'In so far as the mind sees things in their eternal aspect, it participates in eternity'. (Spinoza)

The singles to be released from this album were also very succesful. For example, the 1996 singles Crying In the Rain and Take Me Away peaked # 25 and # 4 in Israel. But afterwards Tanya Evans and Jay Supreme left the act for solo careers

In 1997, eurodance project Age Control released a cover of Mr. Vain.

The 16th of February 1998 was the date that when the single Pay No Mind was released in the Netherlands and Germany. Pay No Mind was the first single to feature Kim Sanders . This single was the first pre-release of the 5th Culture Beat album called Metamorphosis which was released in the beginning of summer 1998. Culture Beat was now a solo-act, with however the contribution of the rapper N'XT on some tracks.

In May the second single from the 5th album Metamorphosis was released. Entitled Rendez-Vous, it was in the same deceiving low tempo style as Pay No Mind. These 2 singles didn't bring Culture Beat the success they had hoped. You Belong would the new single for Culture Beat. 

2000 : ReLoaded Culture ‎released a cover of Mr. Vain.

2001 : Culture Beat is back with a new female vocalist named Jackie Sangster and their new album Obsession was said to be almost ready. It contained 15 tracks, was planned to be released during the Autumn 2001. The first single Insanity already reached position # 1 in Israel.

2003 : Mr Vain recall was very succesful in Germany.

2004 : a new single at last ! Entitled Can't Go On, it was released as vinyl... It was written by Kim Sanders. During an interview in Club Rotation in May, Jackie explained that rumors concerning a Culture Beat split up were totally wrong. They are still doing live appearances very often (a world tour is even planned), and keep on recording for a new album. "We keep on going. Culture Beat does not stop. We don't stop for nobody. We have no reason to stop. People keep on liking our music, so we just gotta keep on going". But they would like to move to a new sound and a complete new direction. They consider that they can afford it after all these years... "Culture Beat is a at point where we can pretty much do what we wanna do".

2006 : on the 14th of April, Culture Beat appeared on stage for the 4th edition of the show The Rhythm Of The Night, an event organized in the Netherlands by Busby media & RTL after an idea of D-Rock, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor rapper. Bald Bull ‎released another cover of Mr. Vain.

2007 : Culture Beat did a concert in Romania at the end of November. In an interview, they revealed they were working on a brand new single which working title was I Love Culture Beat, out in January or February. Another cover of Mr.Vain was released, this time by DJ Maurice.

2008 : In April, Culture Beat were on stage for the Radio Regenbogen birthday concert, then for the I Love The 90s concert in Hasselt. Their new single Your Love, and electro-house track, was released in May, under the label Superstar Recordings. It featured of course Jackie, who also contributed to the songwriting.

2009 : their hit Mr Vain was covered by the project Omega.

Remixes by the Culture Beat team :

Kim Sanders - Show Me (1993)
Shift - Remember The Time (1993)
The Shamen - Comin' On (1993)

Dance Artists Info © Niklas Adolfsson 1996-1999
Culture Beat official website
Thanks to Klems, Anton "MC Kasper" Skaletsky, DJ Crayfish and Frank Fenslau himself
Thanks to Shimon O'Hana and BookmanJones for the charts positions

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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Charts (singles)

Australia Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands New Zealand Norway Sweden Switzerland UK
Der Erdbeermund #11 #55
I Like You #30 #96
Mr Vain #1 #1 #3 #1 #1 #1 #1 #10 #1 #2 #1 #1
Got To Get It #7 #7 #10 #4 #2 #13 #6 #5 #7 #4
Anything #22 #3 #4 #4 #6 #15 #7 #5
World in Your Hands #20 #42 #18 #13 #37 #29 #20
Inside Out #10 #14 #15 #46 #5 #30 #44 #23 #11 #32
Crying In the Rain #14 #14 #8 #45 #23 #16 #29
Take Me Away #39 #15 #6 #26 #48 #24 #33 #52
Walk The Same Line #38 #30 #13 #64 #40
Pay No Mind #37 #27
Rendez-Vous #38 #88 #53 #48
You Belong #77
Insanity #66
Mr Vain Recall #8 #13 #20 #7 #66 #30 #46 #51

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