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Coco (2)

Coco (2)  (Germany)

AKA : Coco Star
EuroTrance member
Added : 30/03/2008
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Latest Coco (2) news

25/11/2014 : Coco Star (Fragma) was featured on Djkam's new single Everything. She also did vocals on Mike Jolly's Give Me The Reason, out soon on 9th Floor Recordings.

08/10/2012 : Coco Star recorded vocals for Tony Finger's new single entitled You Can Party

13/09/2012 : Coco Star (former Fragma vocalist) was featured on Manuel Costa's single Second Chances.


Coco (2) singles

Sleeve available - Click to enlarge I Need A Miracle 20th Jun 1997



Sub Love - One By One Jan 1992  
East 17 - Do you Still 1996  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Fragma - Toca's Miracle 15th May 2000  
Artful Dodger and Craig David - It Ain't Enough 2001  
Manuel Costa - Second Chances 2012  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Tony Finger - You Can Party 2012  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Molella - In Your Eyes 24th Jan 2012  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Alex Federer & Graziano La Cognata - I'm Falling For You 27th Jul 2012 Click to listen to Alex Federer & Graziano La Cognata - I\'m Falling For You   LISTEN  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Djkam - Everything 20th Oct 2014 Click to listen to Djkam - Everything   LISTEN  
Mike Jolly - Give Me The Reason 2015  

Aliases - Records released under other names

Coco Star - Get Over You Jan 2008  
CoCo Star - Kick Yourself 21st Apr 2008  
Coco Star - Let Me Take U There 29th Apr 2011  


Coco (2) biography

Real name : Sue Brice. She began writing and performing her own songs at the tender age of 12, and had already made her first recording with a local famous producer at 15. By word of mouth, Coco became acquainted with several musicians wanting to work with her. At 16 she did an Art foundation course for one one year, then a two year National diploma in Art and Design which lead her to achieve a BA HONS Degree in fashion and textiles at the Bristol University. During this time, she managed to front an original rock band and 2 well known drum and bass groups

In 1992, she contributed to Sub Love One By One. She worked with many artists, such as Craig David and the Artful Dodger.

Summer of 1997, her solo single I Need A Miracle was released under Positiva and EMI. Then she was asked to sing a duet with former East 17 member Brian Harvey. Her next project was recording with DJ Photeck, which again did well on the drum and bass scene.

In 2000, it was sampled by Fragma on Toca's Miracle. The single was a hit. Coco actually never met the Fragma team, and it had never been a question of whether Fragma wanted her to front their group or not, she considered she was succesful enough as a solo artist. All the more that she thought that her vocal skills were more suitable for gospel, dance and funk, not really for trance music.

2008 : in January, she released a single called Get Over You under the name Coco Star. In March, the KLM remix of I Need A Miracle was released in England.

While Toca's Miracle was re-released, Coco tries to get credit for her contribution because she considers that it is not mentioned clearly enough on the single. She wrote that Damae was just an imposter while she was lipsyncing over her voice on stage and she would like to have the opportunity to perfrom the song again.

Thanks to Tavi Meran

The biography was last updated Mon, June 15th 2009

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