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CC Catch

CC Catch   (Germany)

HiNRG group
Added : 20/11/2001
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Catch The Catch
Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel
Like A Hurricane
Big Fun
Super 20
Hear What I Say
Super Disco Hits
Back Seat Of Your Cadillac
Best Of '98
The Best Of
Heartbreak Hotel
Catch The Hits
The 80'S Album
I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
'Cause You Are Young
Strangers By Night
Heartbreak Hotel
Heaven And Hell
Are You Man Enough
Soul Survivor
House Of Mystic Lights
Back Seat Of Your Cadillac
Summer Kisses
Nothing But A Heartache
Baby I Need Your Love
Good Guys Only Win In Movies
Big Time
Midnight Hour
The Decade Remix
CC Catch Megamix '98
I Can Lose My Heart Tonight '99
Shake Your Head 2003
Another Night In Nashville
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Latest CC Catch news

28/07/2016 : DJ Crayfish released a video-megamix dedicated to CC Catch.

13/10/2014 : CC Catch recorded a duet with Chris Norman entitled Another Night in Nashville.

06/11/2009 : CC Catch recorded a brand new single entitled I Believe, described as a modern electro house track. She performed it during the show Forbes Club 2009 (Thanks to Dance Music News)

08/04/2009 : CC Catch is planning a tour in Romania (thanks to eurodance blog)

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CC Catch albums

Catch The Catch Catch The Catch 1986
Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel 1986
Like A Hurricane Like A Hurricane 1987
Diamonds Diamonds 1988
Big Fun Big Fun 1988
Super 20 Super 20 1989
Classics Classics 1989
Hear What I Say Hear What I Say 1989
Super Disco Hits Super Disco Hits 1989
Back Seat Of Your Cadillac Back Seat Of Your Cadillac 1991
Best Of '98 Best Of '98 Oct 1998
The Best Of The Best Of 3 CDs 2000
Heartbreak Hotel Heartbreak Hotel 2 CDs 2000
Catch The Hits Catch The Hits 2005
The 80'S Album The 80'S Album 3 CDs 28th Oct 2005

CC Catch DVDs et VHS

Catch The Hits Catch The Hits 2005 DVD


CC Catch singles

I Can Lose My Heart Tonight I Can Lose My Heart Tonight Jul 1985  LISTEN
'Cause You Are Young 'Cause You Are Young 1986  LISTEN
Strangers By Night Strangers By Night 1986  LISTEN
Heartbreak Hotel Heartbreak Hotel Sep 1986  LISTEN
Heaven And Hell Heaven And Hell Dec 1986  LISTEN
Are You Man Enough Are You Man Enough May 1987  LISTEN
Soul Survivor Soul Survivor Oct 1987  LISTEN
House Of Mystic Lights House Of Mystic Lights 1988  LISTEN
Back Seat Of Your Cadillac Back Seat Of Your Cadillac 1988
Summer Kisses Summer Kisses 1988  LISTEN
Nothing But A Heartache Nothing But A Heartache 1989  LISTEN
Baby I Need Your Love Baby I Need Your Love 1989
Good Guys Only Win In Movies Good Guys Only Win In Movies 1989  LISTEN
Big Time Big Time 1989
Midnight Hour Midnight Hour 1989
The Decade Remix The Decade Remix 1990
CC Catch Megamix '98 CC Catch Megamix '98 1998
I Can Lose My Heart Tonight '99 I Can Lose My Heart Tonight '99 1998
Shake Your Head 2003 Shake Your Head 2003 28th Apr 2003
Silence Silence 2004


Featurings and collaborations

Another Night In Nashville Chris Norman - Another Night In Nashville 2nd Nov 2014  LISTEN  


CC Catch biography

Caroline Catharina Müller was born July 31st, 1964, in Oss (Netherlands), from a German father and a Dutch mother. In 1979, the whole family settled in Germany. In 1985 she becomes a member of the girl quartet Optima, 2 singles were released.

In 1985, she was discovered by Dieter Bohlen (Modern Talking ) in the "Talent Search" contest in Hamburg. Dieter liked Caroline's performance and immediately offered her musical contract and thus C.C. Catch was born.

For the next few years C.C. Catch ruled the dance floors around Europe and was appropriately named a "disco-queen". In 1989, after four albums and twelve singles, Caroline moved to England to continue her singing career without Dieter Bohlen. Andy Taylor (from Duran Duran) contributed to her 6th album. C.C. Catch's music followed similar style as Modern Talking. Nevertheless, she still made her original presence with some elaborate dancing routines.

Hits that made C.C. Catch popular include:'Cause You Are Young, Jump In My Car, Heartbreak Hotel, Like A Hurricane, Soul Survivor and some others.

2003 : after some years of pause to "concentrate on her spiritual development", she covered Was (Not Was) (with Ozzy Osbourne and Kim Basinger) song Shake Your Head, which was #34 hit on UK Dance Charts

2004 : CC Catch took part to to the real-TV show "Comeback - die Grosse Chance". She wrote and released the single Silence.

2008 : CC Catch was collaborating with Russian electronic music producer Dmitri Frolov on her new album. A single entitled Believe in Love was planned for release. Its first version was presented on a Caro's Forbes Club performance in Russia.

2009 : CC Catch is planning a tour in Romania.

Caroline is vegeterian and married a yoga teacher.

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Tomas Naslund

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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