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Ann Lee

Ann Lee   (Italy)

EuroTrance group
Added : 02/06/2002
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So Alive
2 Times
Ring My Bell
So Deep
No No No
Catches Your Love
2 Times 2007
2 People
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Latest Ann Lee news

17/11/2010 : Offlimits announced a new Pochill album with at least 1 song featuring vocals by Ann Lee called Sound of the Sea. (Thanks to Tavi Meran)

20/03/2010 : Ann Lee was interviewed by Russian Expecto TV.

28/11/2009 : Ann Lee's new single 2 People is available. She was also featured on Favretto's new single I Get The Feeling, which should be out on December 11th as digital release (Thanks to Dance Music News)

01/07/2009 : Ann Lee was interviewed by UK site Digital Spy. Read the interview here. (thanks to eurodance blog)

08/04/2009 : Ann Lee is working on new material with her producer Benny Benassi. The first single will be released in the summer (thanks to eurodance blog)

11/07/2007 : Ann Lee has re-recorded her smash-hit 2 Times. It was remixed by Favretto and Ice Bergem, SunLoverz, Minimal Chic and F&A Factor.

31/03/2007 : Ann Lee's album So Alive is now available on Itunes (thanks to Klems)

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Ann Lee albums

Dreams Dreams 16th Jun 1999
So Alive So Alive 2007


Ann Lee singles

Voices Voices 12th Oct 1998  LISTEN
2 Times 2 Times 21st Dec 1999  LISTEN
Ring My Bell Ring My Bell 21st Mar 2000  LISTEN
So Deep So Deep 26th Feb 2001  LISTEN
No No No No No No 7th Jul 2003
Catches Your Love Catches Your Love 2007
2 Times 2007 2 Times 2007 9th Jun 2007
2 People 2 People 2009  LISTEN


Ann Lee remixes

2 Times 2 Times 1999  LISTEN
Ring My Bell Ring My Bell 2000  LISTEN
Ring My Bell (Remixed again) Ring My Bell (Remixed again) 2000
Voices Voices 2000  LISTEN



Ann Lee biography

Behind Ann Lee stands the English euro vocalist Annerly Gordon who took part to a huge number of eurodance projects. That's how she was contacted by A. Larry Pignagnoli, with whom she had alredy worked on the Whigfield project, among others. He had been working on a track with Marco Soncini they called Two Times. Her rendition (with the help of the computer) blew him away. She had arrived. Two Times was one of the most outstanding debut songs of the dance scene. It was a hit all over Europe and more, reaching #4 in Israel, and #2 in UK. It made a huge impression on the dance charts in Belgium, Sweden, Holland, England and Austria. But it has truly made magic in Germany, France, and Denmark where it went gold.

The three kept on collaborating on new material. More hits followed : Voices, a chartbuster as well (#27 in UK). It was written and composed by Annerly Gordon, M. Soncini and P. Sears. The CD included a remix by Masterboy. Both singles could be found on the debut album, Dreams. The rest of the tracks were sure to please...

Ann Lee began her trek across America in Chicago on WKIE Energy 92.7 Other stations were sure to follow. American musical reviews titled : "Stand back, the girl with the "Midas Touch" is coming to America"...

2001 : Ann Lee came back with a new single, So Deep. She co-wrote it with P. Sears and M. Sancini.

2007 : Ann Lee is back with a new single Catches Your Love and a new album So Alive. The single is now available only on iTunes... The release contained 4 versions: Original, Favretto Remix, Re-Light Orchestra Remix and a B-side called Yes Your Love, the mash up of Catches Your Love and Yes U R (by Favretto feat. Naan).

2009 : in an interview, ann Lee revealed that she was working on a song entitled 2 People.

2013 : De-Grees feat. Joy covered Ann Lee's hit 2 Times.

Energy 9275 - ZYX Music
Thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin, Apho and EuroBoy

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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Charts (singles)

Austria Belgium France Israel Italy Netherlands New Zealand Norway Sweden Switzerland UK
Voices #18 #13 #57 #55 #27
2 Times #3 #1 #9 #4 #5 #4 #2 #4 #14 #10 #2
Ring My Bell #61

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