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AB Logic

AB Logic   (Belgium)

EuroDance group
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The Album
Get Up (Move Boy Move)
The Hitman
AB Logic
Real World
Welcome To My Heart
91 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996

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20/07/2009 : Marianne Festraets, former AB Logic vocalist, has now her official Myspace (thanks to Klems).

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AB Logic albums

The Album The Album 1992


AB Logic singles

Get Up (Move Boy Move) Get Up (Move Boy Move) 1992  LISTEN
The Hitman The Hitman Jun 1992  LISTEN
AB Logic AB Logic 1993  LISTEN
Real World Real World 15th Aug 1994  LISTEN
Welcome To My Heart Welcome To My Heart 1996  LISTEN



AB Logic biography

Musical team : Peter Gillis, Jacques Bultinck, Cedric Murril

AB Logic is a European dance music duo made up of singer Marianne Festraets and American rapper K-Swing (Cedric Murril). Marianne Festraets took many years of classical ballet lessons. She also contributed to the project The Dinky Toys, and did backing vocals for Isabelle A. The group was masterminded by Belgian producers Jacko Bultinck and Peter Gillis. Phil Wilde also took part to the project.

In 1991, Marianne Festraets was asked to go to an audition at Top Studio in Ghent (Belgium). She had to sing a dance track called The Hitman, and was chosen on the spot among several singers to record it and be a part of the project, together with K-Swing. Peter Gillis and Jacko Bultinck took the song to the MIDEM in Cannes (France). Ronald Van Huffel came up with the name AB Logic to promote it, and in no time they got signed at Warner East-West records in London! From that moment on, everything went very fast! In one month, they had to come up with a full album, which was the condition for the record company to release the single in the USA. And so AB Logic went on promo tour in the UK in June 1992. One day, an American DJ played The Hitman in a club, the song became an instant success.

Their second single AB Logic was quite successful, it peaked #1 in Israel for 3 weeks. Then their album was released.

Their last single to be released was a very nice eurodance track called Real World. It is not included in the album. It was written by Peter Gillis, Jacques Bultinck and Cedric Murril, recorded at Top Studio in Gent (Belgium).

Another single was confidentially released in 1996. Entitled Welcome To My Heart, it was written by Marianne Festraets, Peter Gillis et Cedric Murrill, produced by Peter Gillis, co-produced par Marianne Festraets. The single was published under BMG Ariola Belgium / Wax World USA import.

Apart from their first releases there was also a medley entitled This Is AB Logic, mixed by Les Massengale and Mark Roberts, featured on a compilation named Ultimix 47 (Ultimix Records).

2003 : Peter Gillis and Jacques Bultinck tried to relaunch the Paradisio project, but the single did not have the success expected.

2007 : Marianne Festraets with Alain Vande Putte was busy writing songs from Ronald Van Huffel. She started to take extreme vocal classes at ESPAVO Vocal Coaching in Mechelen.

2009 : Marianne is writing songs together with Ken Marcelis, a long time friend.

Thanks to Shimon O'Hana for the charts positions
Thanks to Klems
Marianne at Myspace

The biography was last updated Sat, January 31st 2015

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