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Real McCoy  (Germany)

EuroDance group
Added : 24/01/2000
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Latest Real McCoy news

18/04/2013 : Real McCoy's hit Another Night was covered by Earlwood.

04/08/2009 : Real McCoy performed their brand new single Two Hearts at DJ Bobo & Friends concert in Engelberg. It should be released during next Autumn (thanks to O'jay himself).

28/07/2009 : O'jay from the Real McCoy published some more teasers for the fans on his Myspace : a partial tracklisting for the future album, and some videos of Debbie (the new vocalist ?)

08/06/2009 : The new Real McCoy single is on its way. O-jay gives us a preview in a quite original way...

02/06/2009 : O'jay (Real McCoy) announced on his Myspace that he completed the recordings and the final mixing for the new album on friday last week. "We're taking a break for the rest of this week and going to start fresh next monday with the preparations for our live set-up" he explains.

08/01/2009 : Real McCoy are said to have signed a new deal with Sony Music for 2 more albums. The first single and the following album are planned for Spring 2009 (thanks to DanceArtistInfo).

01/06/2008 : The girls trio Vogue did a cover of Real McCoy's Another Night (thanks to Anders Bøgh).


Real McCoy albums

Sleeve available Singles Collection
Sleeve available On The Move 1990
Sleeve available Space Invaders 29th Aug 1994
Sleeve available Another Night - US album 1995
Sleeve available The Remix Album (Canada) 2nd Jul 1996
One More Time - European Version 1997
Sleeve available One More Time - US album 17th Aug 1997
Sleeve available Love And Devotion (re-release of Space Invaders) 1998
Sleeve available Platinum & Gold Collection 17th Jun 2003


Real McCoy singles

Shining Star (Compilation only) Click to listen to Real McCoy - Shining Star   LISTEN
It's On You Remix 94 Sep 1994
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Love And Devotion 3rd Apr 1995 Click to listen to Real McCoy - Love And Devotion   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Come And Get Your Love 29th Jun 1995 Click to listen to Real McCoy - Come And Get Your Love   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Operator (US only) 1996 Click to listen to Real McCoy - Operator   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Sleeping With An Angel / Ooh Boy 19th Feb 1996
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge One More Time 29th Jan 1997 Click to listen to Real McCoy - One More Time   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge I Wanna Come With You 25th Jul 1997
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here 16th Sep 1997 Click to listen to Real McCoy - (If You\'re Not In It For Love) I\'m Outta Here   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Pump Up The Jam Rap Remix '98 (Feat. DJ Dee) 9th Sep 1998
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge It's On You '99 19th May 1999
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Hey Now 17th Mar 2000
Slave 2 My Feelings (MP3-release only) 2005
4 The Lover (MP3-release only) 2006
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge People Are Still Having Sex (MP3-release only) 2007 Click to listen to Real McCoy - People Are Still Having Sex   LISTEN
Two Hearts Nov 2009


Real McCoy remixes

Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Another Night US mix 21st Nov 1994
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Come And Get Your Love 1995 Click to listen to Real McCoy - Come And Get Your Love   LISTEN
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge Automatic Lover US mix (US only) 2nd Oct 1995
I Wanna Come (With You) 1997 Click to listen to Real McCoy - I Wanna Come (With You)   LISTEN
One More Time 1997 Click to listen to Real McCoy - One More Time   LISTEN


Aliases - Records released under other names

MC Sar & the Real McCoy - It's On You (The Re-Remixes) 1990  
MC Sar & the Real McCoy - It's On You 1990  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Pump Up The Jam Rap Feb 1990  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - It's On You Apr 1990  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Make A Move (Gypsy Man Remix) 1991  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Don't Stop Jan 1991  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Make A Move 17th May 1991  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Let's Talk About Love 20th Mar 1992  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - No Showbo 11th Sep 1992  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Another Night 1993  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Another Night 16th Jul 1993  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Run Away 1994 Click to listen to MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Run Away   LISTEN  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Automatic Lover 1994  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Automatic Lover 14th Jan 1994  
Sleeve available - Click to enlarge MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Run Away 7th Jul 1994 Click to listen to MC Sar & the Real McCoy - Run Away   LISTEN  


Real McCoy biography

Musical and producing team : Jurgen Wind, Quickmix (Frank Hassas aka Ritchie), O'Jay

Real McCoy started in the Summer of 1989, when Reinhard Piel, A&R Manager of the german based label ZYX Records, called the little production company "Freshline Records" belonging to O'Jay, a musician and former photographer (he had already been part of a trio project called Masterplan, then took part to The Admirers and released the tracks Action! and Come Into My Life). Before this time they had already worked on a couple of other products with ZYX. This time they were looking for a cover "rap" version of the song Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic. A real artist at that time was not so important for ZYX, what they wanted was a quick production, something they could release ASAP.

O-jay wrote and recorded his rap within 2 days. They hired a studio vocalist for the female chorus part. The result was pretty poor (she was not even close to the unique voice in the original version) but they sticked with it, since we had no other option.

In the process of the writing, O-jay gave the "maginary" rapper of my voice the name M.C. SAR. He explains : "Since my English was pretty basic I produced a name that should have been "M.C. ZAR" but I used the german way of writing Cezar. I also added "The real McCoy" in the name (maybe even in the lines) to represent myself and not (like it is many times mistakently written) to represent the people behind the project. I knew already that I would not appear on the cover or even the stage for this song. So I gave my "fake" rapper a name and added myself into it with the trademark "The real McCoy"."

A week later ZYX had a finished production on the table. In that time everyone thought that this product would only be a "one timer", so they used the name of a project O'Jay created two years ago : M.C. SAR & the Real McCoy.

Pump Up The Jam made it up to number 16 in the German billboard charts. So when ZYX asked for a follow-up single, they went back to the studio and recorded It's On You (with Patricia Peterson as singer). "It was strange but we knew in our hearts and souls that this follow up single was a hit" explains O'Jay.

"The song was simple (like almost all of the self-composed songs we did). Ritchie worked with a bumping bassline and added some trendy synths on top. The beat was drumloop of a song called Break 4 Love by Raze. The beat was pretty popular, since a guy called Sydney Youngblood had a smash hit (If Only I Could), using the same beat. The rap was already recorded and we added some samples (we still liked that kind of stuff and still did not care of any copyright problems). Ritchie prerecorded my chorus melody." O-jay reminds. "Patsy was perfect for the song. Her voice reminded us a little of Wommack & Womack's Footsteps on the dancefloor. Somehow her voice was unique. Everybody was happy with the result and made the final mix for ZYX."

According to the official story, It's On You reached #1 in 12 countries and sold over 2 million copies world-wide. Actually, according to O-Jay himself, even if the single was very succesful, it only reached #1 in a chart in Spain (40 Principales). It was #4 in Austria, #8 in Switzerland, #7 in France and stayed in the French charts during 28 weeks, .

When ZYX wanted to produce a video and the clubs asked for shows at the same time, they just needed to find a face for the project for the rap parts, since O'Jay decided to use his voice but not his face. A year ago, when O'Jay met Patsy in the legendary Berlin club "Dschungel (jungle)" he was also hanging out with a guy called Shampro. He was a good looking black guy from France with origins from Zaire, a good dancer and he knew also a little bit about rapping. He was also fluent in English, German and French. "So I called him up and made an agreement. Of course everything needed to be organized pretty fast, since the song was already in the charts and still climbing up" recalls O'Jay. So on the peak of the success with It's On You, Shampro and Patsy were touring across Europe (Quickmix and O'Jay even joined the tour for a couple of concerts in France) while the producers went back in the studio to record the material for the album. They used a lot of different guest vocals, musicians and keyboarders, since they saw the whole thing still as a project.

As for the video, the budget was pretty small. O-jay had organized a photo shoot with 2 other photographers. He remembers : "It is a remarkable piece of crap but in that time we was pretty satisfied with the result".

The album On The Move ! and the third single Don´t Stop were released in 1990. While the single still made its way into the charts, ZYX didn´t manage to place the album in the charts. In the following years MC Sar & the Real Mc Coy recorded 3 more singles (Make A Move, No Showbo and Let´s Talk About Love) but somehow none of these productions made a big impression on the market. So for a while, it looked like the project had his five minutes of fame and would disappear from the music scene. But as we all know today, that was not the case, cause everything changed in 1993.

Vanessa Mason, an American whose father was stationed at a U.S. Army base in Berlin, joined Real McCoy during the recording of Another Night. Arista Records brought the group to the U.S. with the album and spearheaded the eventual recognition of the group as one of the break-out artists of 1995.

O-jay revealed that Patsy has never sung on any of the "new" M.C.SAR & The Real McCoy a.k.a. Real McCoy releases. The name of the original singer was Karin Kasar. She was casted by the Boogie Park studios in Hamburg and made a test recording with these guys on Another Night. This recording found his way on the final playback of Another Night. She was offered a little money to record some other tracks on the album, but never received any royalties for the whole album. Only Ritchie, David and the Berman Brothers knew her. O-Jay himslef never met her in all that time. A lot years later, he met her recently and had a chance to thank her for her great work and also to say that he was sorry that things turned out this way. She was never considered as the real artist because she had a few pounds too much on her body. That was the only reason and of course there was the reason that Patsy was looking the right way...

Their album Another Night, an explosive blend of Rap, Techno, and Pop, fueled by three smash singles (Another Night, Automatic Lover and Runaway), went Platinum (1,000,000 copies sold) in under 8 weeks and has since gone Double-Platinum. It peaked to #13 on the US Billboard Album chart. The exciting debut album included such hits as the Platinum-selling title track which hit Billboard's top 5 at place #3, went up to #2 in the UK, to #18 in Germany, to #42 in Switzerland, to #30 in Austria, and stayed #1 in Australia during 6 weeks.

It paved the way for Automatic Lover (#32 in Germany and Switzerland), the Top-10 Gold Single Runaway (once again #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, #4 in Australia, #6 in UK, #22 in Switzerland, #22 in Germany, #24 in Austria) and the follow-up top-20 singles Love And Devotion (which was remixed by Bass Bumpers and peaked #12 in the UK and in Australia, #16 in Austria, and #37 in Germany) and Come and Get Your Love (#18 in Australia, #19 in the UK, #53 in Germany).

The unprecedented success garnered the group awards for Best New Artist of the Year at the 1995 Billboard Music Awards, Best Selling German Artist at the World Music awards and nominations for Best New Artist at the American Music Awards and Artist of the Year for both 1995 and 1996 at the Billboard Music Awards.

In 1996 the group returned for One More Time, their highly-anticipated follow- up. One More Time featured O-Jay and Vanessa Mason along with their new addition to the group Lisa Cork. Lisa, a native Texan, had relocated to New York City to pursue her singing career. 'It's great singing with Vanessa', Lisa says, 'Our voices blend and compliment each other as if we grew upperforming together!'. The contagious sound of Real McCoy is the smooth harmonies of Mason and Cork layered beneath O-Jay's throaty rapping. Together, this transatlantic, multi-cultural, multi-faceted trio of songwriters, producers, and performers unleashed the special music of Real McCoy.

The lead single One More Time was exhilarating high-energy dance/pop. 'This time we feel much more in control of what we want to express through the music,' says O-Jay 'We've all grown and tasted both the trappings and pleasures of fame. I think the songs, while still dance oriented, are a little more reflective because our lives have changed.'

Along with the title track on the album are Take a Look at Your Life, I Wanna Come, and the Billy Steinberg (Whitney Houston, Madonna) penned Love Save Me. The group also explores other genres of music with the ballad Look at Me, the jeep-funk sounding Love Almost Faded, and a re-make of Shania Twain's #1 Country Record (If You're Not in It For Love) I'm Outta Here.

In the production seat on One More Time were some of the heaviest hitters in music today, with tracks produced by The Bermann Brothers (Amber's This Is Your Night), Tommy Eckman & Per Alderbrat (Ace of Base), Bass Bumpers and J.Wind (Real McCoy's Another Night).

Sadly, Vanessa left Real McCoy afterwards (It was said she had been replaced by a vocalist called Lisa Styles). BMG Germany have re-released the album Space Invaders but under the name of Love & Devotion. One could also find in Germany some 98 remixes of Pump Up the Jam. Then a '99 remix of their first hit It's On You was released. But the team totally changed : O'Jay left the band and was replaced by a rapper called Jason. There are also 2 new singers named Gaby and Ginger...

This new team released their following single in April 2000 : Hey Now.

2002 : Rimini Project covered Another Night on their album Heartbeats.

2004 : there were rumors about remixes of the old hits of Real McCoy that would be released this year. But no company agreed to release them.

2005 : according to his songwriter, Real McCoy will start 2005 with a new single and a new label. The release is planned for May 2005 in Germany and Europe. Another Night was covered by Morgana.

2006 : a reloaded version of Real McCoy's hit Another Night was said to have been released in January. Actually, it's the re-recording of Another Night, to be released as vinyl under the label A45, with the same title (no reloaded added or something). It will include new female vocals and re-recorded rap vocals of O-jay himself.

2007 : Real McCoy started releasing new songs in a series called Additional Series. The 2 first songs were entitled 4 The Lover and Slave To My Feelings. The third one was just released, it's a cover-version of LaTour's eighties club hit People Are Still Having Sex. You can listen to it on O-'jay's Myspace. A brand new single and album are planned...

2008 : Vogue did a cover of Another Night.

2009 : O-jay is working on new Real McCoy tracks with Debbie Butts and Gemma Sampson, the new vocalists. The new single Two Hearts, a very nice and uplifting track, is on its way, it should be released in Autumn... They peformed it in Toronto Summer Rush in July and in Engelberg in August.

2012 : Project Mista covered the melody of Run Away's chorus in their single Never Hide.

Thanks to DH Hooligan, BookmanJones, Wild Ace, Anders Bøgh, Niklas Adolfsson and Amber June
Thanks to O-Jay himself and Apho for the latest informations

The biography was last updated Wed, July 04th 2012

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Charts (singles)

Australia Austria Germany Ireland Netherlands New Zealand Sweden UK USA
Love And Devotion #7 #16 #37 #16 #26 #28 #16 #11
Come And Get Your Love #18 #53 #22 #37 #8 #19 #19
One More Time #3 #85 #81 #27
I Wanna Come With You #82

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