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Apanachee   (Germany)

EuroDance group
Added : 14/01/2001
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Eagle Fly
Spirits Of Nature
In Aeternum
Prison Of Passion
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28/01/2001 : Apanachee's new single will be entitled In Aeternum

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Apanachee singles

Eagle Fly Eagle Fly 1st Mar 1995  LISTEN
Spirits Of Nature Spirits Of Nature 18th Apr 1998  LISTEN
In Aeternum In Aeternum 29th Jan 2001  LISTEN
Prison Of Passion Prison Of Passion 7th Aug 2001



Apanachee biography

Apanachee is a project produced by the producers O'Flynn and Brandes. They released 2 euro singles which had a moderate success. Afterwards everything became very quiet around them until the year 2001, when they released a new single, In Aeternum which is exactly the same version as the one featured on Missing Heart 's album. The single also featured some techno remixes that were very succcesful in Europe. So successful that they already plan to release another track of Missing Heart's album, Prison Of Passion (with remixes by Deep Forest).

Thanks to Chris "blossom" of
Missing Heart & Apanachee unofficial website

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