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Pandora - Waves Of Memories (Epilogue)

Lyrics found by me, by a fan, or copied from an unofficial website.
Please mail me if you have corrections or suggestions to fill the gaps


As I look back upon our life
It's hard to realize
That once we were
Each other's pride
I was a fool who trusted you
In all the things you told me to
Since I did everything for you

Your looks and your feelings
Are just the remains of the past to me
It hurt me so much
When I found out the truth
And I know there is more to see

Lost is how I feel
Between the waves of memories
I try to think of something else
But I won't heal
Lost is how I feel
Deep down the wells of history
I just can't think of something else
And I won't heal

I was too blind to use my eyes
I didn't care about your lies
But now I know you
You've rolled the dice
'cause I have tried in every way
To make it through another day
Instead of just walkin' away

It took me some time
But I found out the way
What is best for me
I just can't hold on
To somebody
Who's makin' me feel
Like I'm not for real


Thanks : Ruslan Potatuev 


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