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Maduar - Peace In My Soul

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Too many people have been seduced
By today's world running faster
Stress, career, business and money
Became their master
They betray friends and ditch love
In the name of their ego
Don't listen to those people come
Follow us to where we go

Do it just do it let this be your highest goal
If you wanna have peace in your soul
Sing hummá heya chá heya chá
And you will feel peace in your soul
Hummá heya chá heya chá

Hay yá hay yai ya hay yai yá
peace in my soul

Don't let anybody cheat you
Listen to the voice of your soul please try to

Don't be blind when you can see
Don't be deaf when you can hear
Don't be dumb when you can sing
With a voice so calm and clear I mean
Hummá heya chá heya chá
For the peace in your soul

Added on 21/08/2005




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