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Maduar - Every Man

Lyrics found by me, by a fan, or copied from an unofficial website.
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I lost my mind when I left you I went really mad
I broke your heart but why I can not understand
Now everyday I try to find a way to you

Every night I think about you and me
You took my light in this darkness I can't see
So take my hand you know that I can't stand it
Without you

Every man needs a woman and a woman needs a man
That's the reason I'm coming back to you again
Every man needs a woman and a woman needs a man
We know that's the way to find real love again

Aaa I'm yours and you are mine
We can live alone but it's better together
Aaa now can we start again
Can we sing this song now and forever

We're walking in my garden with the butterflies
We remember in our childhood we did it so many times
We see the star and we know who we are again

I want you I need you I love you deep inside
You want me you need me you love me deep inside
With you I feel so high
And we fly away to the sky

Added on 21/08/2005




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