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Maduar - Africa

Lyrics found by me, by a fan, or copied from an unofficial website.
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You know it's true you cannot buy the love to dance
dance is our life come follow us to the trance
start up the riddim man we wanna move now!
This is a music world we throw ourselves down

We're listening to your voice Africa
We're singing your song Africa
We're dancing your dance Africa
We're feeling your riddim Africa
Say stop to racism it has no place in your land
the colour of your skin is not so important
yellow red white black can be united
here comes the voice of Africa
you must understand it

We all can be brothers and we all can be sisters
Call Africa
Look beyond your mother land call Africa
try to give more than you wanna take call Africa
dance and feel the riddim while you can
hear the voice of Africa

Added on 21/08/2005




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