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Ice MC - Nothing To Say

Lyrics found by me, by a fan, or copied from an unofficial website.
Please mail me if you have corrections or suggestions to fill the gaps


Bo bo bo nothing to say so you're laugh'll
Disappear like Bruce Willis in ‘the jackal'

Yo' I inhale and I exale it make me feel well
Dealing with hell with a deep smell
Dodging those who make my nerves swell
my bro' was rolling with me hard we had it well tight
One very evening came and did me up like cops might
I held him down for years and bailed him out when he got took
But he still stab me and over the shoulder didn't look
I'm always ready ‘cause someone somewhere somehow they need you
But no one told him not to bite the hand that helps and feeds you
Sick to the stomach now I'm over that I'm feeling vex
I'm into music now no longer cashing giro cheques
what can I say I feel too hurt to even seek revenge
So I just cancel you for good no longer we be menz
You know your name so I won't name you I'm not ignaramous
‘cause that would big you up and make you famous
So I just inhale and I exale it make me feel well
Dealing with hell with a deep smell
I said it all so heed well

Nothing to say yeah
I've got nothing to say got nothing to say
Nothing to say to you na na na na

Nothing to say yeah
I've got nothing to say got nothing to say
Nothing to say to you tonight

So cry yourself a river just like Justin Timberlakee
And just like twenty pence you got two faces so you flakey
I'm writing raps like these for real people like you they make me
Now that you didn't get your way I bet for sure you hate me
I inhale and I exhale it make me feel well
Dealing with hell with a deep smell said it all now better heed well
Gotta keep my temple open and I side step while I'm floating
No provoking never joking simple words that have been spoken

Bo bo bo nothing to say so you're laugh'll

Check this out now she was working down in V.C.
Very pretty so I want her riding with me
I go over asking yo' what time you close up
She told me six at triple five is when I show's up
It just so happens that with friends she's got a rendez-vous
But when they tell you that your thinking something's wrong with you
So I got dissed I didn't stop I went back everyday
After so long I gave it up there was no other way
Then roby called me sayin' now's the time to make some hits
We made a record and a video now I'm the shits
I hits the ‘hood with jordan getting big ups everywhere
That night in browns I saw the chick from V.C. She was there
I saw ya video and yeah I think ya buff and ready
Is what she said I couldn't believe it I kept my temper steady
Like Robbie just blow away I said that stuffs for starters
And by the way I got some girls that'll have ya guts for garters

Nothing to say yeah

‘cause I got a little light shining down now
Make you tingle and I make your pretty face smile
You don't want me all your looking is my profile
Even though I've only had it for a short while
You should've check me when my nikey sneaks were old and dirty
That day I would've waited for you up until seven thirty
Now on the radio for sure today I know you heard me
And I got nothing to say you prove yourself unworthy




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