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Ice MC - Happy Weekend

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday happy weekend

Ice MC's here, yes he's back
And I'm coming at you with a slikley made track
I took it easy but now I return
And I'm coming back strong to make suckers burn and learn
Hard work pays, check what I say
Get good results at the end of the day
I work all week with Rob my friend
And when Friday comes we rock the weekend

Come on baby, come one happy weekend

Discotheques wine bars Italian chicks
Thats how my weekend starts'n' kicks off
I leave the stress of the week behind
I enjoy myself ad I'm feeling fine
When I go out at night I don't drink & drive
‘cause I love my life I wanna stay alive
So just take your time and just stay in line
And remember this

I can't stop my body when I feel to have a happy weekend
I can't stop my feet when I hear the beat of a dancing weekend

Wake up it's Monday morning
Throw off the covers stretch and start yawning
Time to work but you don't wanna go
You fall off the bed and then open the window
Thinking that the weeks gonna be real long
But you're thinking about the weekend so you hold on strong
Everyday of the week you cuss & sneer but
Don't worry ‘cause the weekend's near

Added on 10/08/2009


Thanks : Ruslan Potatuev 


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