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Lyrics copied from the album booklet or the official website


With or without you baby
With or without you
I want you
With or without your love
Te amo
With or without love
I need you baby

I've got something in my soul
I don't want to let it go
I just want to let you know
But it's hard for me to show
This is something new for me
But it's where I wanna be
It's another kind of world
'Cause I know that I'm in love

Uuuuh (I want to be where I'm in love)
Mmm mmh (I want to be where I'm in love)

Now you don't know what to do
But you want to tell the truth
Someone else belongs to you
And you feel the same way too
She's a beauty more than me
Maybe is older I can see
I don't think she's good for you
She can't love you like I do

I think I'm losing my mind

Aah (I want to be where I'm in love)
Oh baby (I want to be where I'm in love)

It's so sad to stay at home
Sitting by the telephone
Waiting hours for your call
Kick and fight against the wall
It's so cold inside of me
I'm so blind that I can't see
That you want my love for free
Is not the way it's gonna be

I think I'm losing my mind

With or without you baby
With or without you
I want you
With or without your love
Te amo
With or without love
I hate you baby !

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