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Past news history for year 2004



Eurodance news during the year 2004




Gunther And The Sunshine Girls's new single Touch Me (Crazy & Wild) entered the Czech charts directly at #2, while it is still rising in Norway (#12 this week).

Groove Coverage's new single Runaway entered the Czech charts and went #4.

Gigi D'Agostino released a new double album called L'Amour Toujours-II.


N-Trance's I'm In Heaven entered the UK Charts at #46, the Irish charts at #39, and the Irish Dance chart at #9.

Groove Coverage's Runaway entered the Austrian charts at #13. They are already #3 in the Austrian DJ chart, #3 in the German DJ Playlist, and #1 in the German Official Dance chart.

Gunther And The Sunshine Girls's Touch Me is #17 in Norway and #3 in Finland.

Kate Ryan's Goodbye entered the German charts at #52.

Melanie Thornton's Wonderful Dreams re-entered the German charts at #53.




Gunther And The Sunshine Girls's new single Touch Me (feat. Samantha Fox) entered the Swedish charts directly #1.

Gigi D'Agostino & Datura Summer Of Energy entered the German charts at #78, they are already #3 in Czech Republic.

Jam & Spoon Butterfly Sign is #2 in Czech Republic.

DJ Sammy & Loona Rise Again entered the Czech charts at #4. Groove Coverage Runaway is #4 in the German DJ playlist (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Scooter will appear a lot on the German TV these following days... For all the dates, check the TV section on the right of the page.


Scooter's new single will be entitled One (Always Hardcore). It will be out in stores on the 6th of December.

Pandora with her new single I'm Confused is #6 in Sweden. Lasgo's single Surrender went #1 in the US Billboard Dance Radio Airplay (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin)

The rumor was true : Da Blitz performers are back under the name DB Reloaded : the new single is entitled Revenge and will be released next week. Their official website is here.

The clip for Indra's new single Besoin de vouswas shot and the single will be out on the 11th of January 2005 (thanks to IndraOfficiel).


Candee Jay's single Back For Me entered the UK charts at #23. They released their first album, entitled Electrifying.

DJ Sammy's Heaven keeps on rising in French charts, reaching #8. Gigi D'Agostino & Datura reached #2 with Summer Of Energy.

Scooter's Shake That is #1 in Hungary, #3 in Czech republic, #3 in the German DJ Playlist. Kate Ryan is #30 in Belgium with her new single Goodbye (a ballad, unfortunately).

Groove Coverage keep on rising in the German DJ Playlist with their new track Runaway, they reached #5 this week (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


DJ Bobo's new single will be entitled Pirates Of Dance, just like the forthcoming album, and will be out on the 10th January 2005 (thanks to DJ Bobo France).


Bass Bumpers released a best of album, gathering for the first time all their hits till Keep On Pushin. Dance History will also include a new version of The Music's Got Me (remixed by Voodoo and Serano). They will also release a DVD containing all thier video clips, which is already available on the ZYX website (thanks to Ulrich Valtat).

Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka's new single Butterfly Sign entered the German charts at #67 and the German official dance chart at #40 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).




Look Twice performed live at a club called The Nighties Nightclub in Umeå, (North of Sweden) last Saturday.

The same evening Basic Element appeared live at Mejeriet in Värnamo (Sweden) (thanks to reBeL).

Viviana Presutti and Simone Pastore could join again to re-form Da Blitz under another name : DB Reloaded. They are currently creating their own label. No info yet about the new single title or style yet (thanks to Nico and Emperor Absolutus).

Sylver's new album Nighttime Calls will be out on the 2nd of November !

Scooter's Shake That entered the Austrian DJ chart at #15, the Dutch charts at #44, the Norwegian charts at #4, and the Finnish charts at #10 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Cappella's U Got To Let The Music 2004 entered the Austrian DJ chart at#37 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Ian Van Dahl's next single will be entitled Inspiration.


Almost 1000 persons signed the international petition for the return of the 2 Unlimited. And you ? If you want 2 Unlimited back, you know what you have to do...

Scooter's Shake That entered the Austrian charts at #17, the Swiss charts at #38, the Danish charts at #10, and the Swedish charts at #12. It peaked to #1 in the German DJ Playlist.

Groove Coverage released their new single Runaway, it entered the German DJ Playlist at #45 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Cappella's U Got 2 Let The Music entered the German charts at #32.

Klubbingman and Daisy Dee will perform at AURA-Partytempel (Ibbenbüren, Germany) on the 19th of October.


T-Spoon released a new single, a cover of their old hit Sex On The Beach'2004.

Martin Boer (the producer) announced that the 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor were about to release a best of album and DVD in November 2004 in Holland. (thanks to Niklas Adolfsson form DAI).

Scooter's album Mind The Gap limited edition will include a bonus DVD (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

DJ Sammy's Heaven is #10 in the French Top 50 (thanks to Nico).

New from Tony Di Bart I Live For You was released last month (thanks to Nico).

Brooklyn Bounce released an X-Pect The Un-X-Pected EP on vinyl.

Damae (from Fragma) released a single feat. Londonbeat entitled I've Been Thinking About You, a cover of Londonbeat's track originally released in 1991 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


More than 700 persons signed the international petition for the return of the 2 Unlimited. And you ?

Milk Inc Whisper is now #1 in Belgium (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Groove Coverage entered the Ireland charts at position #7 with their single Poison.

New Amber's song You Move Me is #4 in USA club chart. She should soon start a tour in the US.

Scooter entered the German Deejay Playlist at #16 with their new single Shake That! (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Søren Raasted (writer/producer of Aqua) released a solo-project album under the name of Lazyboy (thanks to Anders Bogh).

ATB released a vinyl entitled the DJ 2 (including 2 tracks : Here With Me and Intencity. (thanks to Nico and Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).




More than 500 persons signed the international petition for the return of the 2 Unlimited. And you ? If you want 2 Unlimited back, you know what you have to do...

Zeljko Vujkovic opened his own website, which gathers all his interviews and more...

Captain Jack should also release a DVD entitled 10 Years of Captain Jack, it will include a Best Of album. (thanks to Captain Jack's peace camp).

Sash!'s Together Again was covered and adapted by Alondra. The result is entitled No Se Por Que. Sash! appears on the photo in the video clip of the song (Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Gigi D'agostino And Datura - Summer Of Energy was released as CD maxi.


The brazilian artist Leila Moreno completed her new album, it will be called Censurado. The main song can be previewed at www.leilahmoreno.com.br. A video clip will soon be shot (thanks to Hans Huguenin).

Captain Jack is going to release a new single entitled Samba Brazil and a new album called Music Instructor in October.

Whigfield will release at the end of September a DVD with all her hits, apart from Another Day video clip (thanks to Ivan Canals).

In October, Milk Inc will also release their first DVD. It will contain 18 videos, an accoustic set of 5 songs (I Don't Care, Oceans, Walk On Water, Don't Cry and Maybe, recorded especially for this occasion) and a few extras.

Rimini Project released their new single A Day in the Sun. Sylver's Love Is An Angel reached #6 in the German DJ playlist.

DJ Sammy feat. Loona's Rise Again reached #23 in the German DJ playlist (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


Pandora gave birth to a baby last month (thanks to Christian Stödberg).

New DJs @ Work single will be released in October.

New single from Groove Coverage will probably be entitled Runaway (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


Scooter's new single will be entitled Shake That. Shooting of new video is finished (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Indra's new single will be entitled Besoin De Vous (means "Needing You" in French) and it should be a slow song, unfortuntaly. It will include a B-side entitled Never Never, a title which was included on her previous album You & Me (thanks to IndraOfficiel).

Brooklyn Bounce's new album X-pect The Un-x-pected will be out on the 6th of September.

The Polish project D-tune recently released a remix of Antares' Ride On A Meteorite.




Anita Dels recently announced that she would really like coming back with 2 Unlimited.

The 2 Unlimited website published an international petition that will be sent to Byte Records to convince them to start the 2 Unlimited project again. If you want 2 Unlimited back, you know what you have to do...

ATB will become the first German artist to release a single exclusively as a download. Here With Me, the third track to come off the Top 10 album No Silence, will be out on 4 October.

Gigi d'Agostino recorded a single with Molella, released under the name Gigi & Molly (thanks to Nico).

The new vinyl Rise Again by Pete Tong was actually by DJ Sammy. It featured Loona's voice and the recognizable Sammy's music easy. It will be released as new single of DJ Sammy. Follow up album will be entitled The Rise.

Next Maxi-CD single from Jam & Spoon planned on September will be entitled Butterfly Sign feat Plavka.

Title of Scooter's new single will be announced next week. It is planned for release on October 4th 2004. UK release of new single should come quicker than the previous singles. New album will be released 3 weeks later after the single (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


Gigi D'agostino and Datura released a CD-single entitled Summer Of Energy.

New Milk Inc single will be called Whisper. The radio edit is already finished, the remixes are being prepared. A 3 CDs Best Of was released in Australia.

666's new single will be called Policia. It contains only male Spanish vocals and sounds like their old hits (Alarma! for instance).

Brooklyn Bounce's Crazy entered the Austrian charts at #32 (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Groove Coverage's new single She is #15 in Austria and #20 in the Austrian DJ chart (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

E-type's current single Olympia keeps on raising in the Swedish charts, this week it reached #5 (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Tess' new single reached #12 in the Swedish charts (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Sylver entered the German DJ playlist at #33 with their new single Love Is An Angel (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


ATB entered the Danish dancechart at #22 with Ecstacy (thanks to Anders Bogh).

DJ BoBo will do a live concert on Saturady, November 27th 2004 in the Sporting Park of Engelberg (Switzerland). It will be entitled DJ BoBo-"Showcase Pirates of Dance" and it will be a little preview of the next tour. The number of persons will be limited to 2500 (thanks to DJ Bobo France).

Blank & Jones released their third compilation The Mix vol. 3 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Candee Jay released a promo vinyl of their new single Back For Me (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Sylver released a promo vinyl entitled Love Is An Angel (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

The Spanish eurodance project New Limit has now his own official website. There you can find a lot of information...

Tess (ex vocalist of La Cream) is back with a single called The Second You Sleep (thanks to Scott Kim).


Neo Cortex released their single Elements in the UK as promo (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Cappella will finally release the long awaited U Got 2 Let The Music'2004 under their own name. It is already out as promo (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).




DJ Bobo was part to a welfare soccer match last wednesday (thanks to DJ Bobo France).

Rozalla's cover version of Janet Jackson's Alright has been released as promo 12 and as CD. Also, Rozalla has re-released her rare third album Coming Home as a limited edition, available exclusively on her website (thanks to Lucas).

Thomas Kukula, General Base's producer, released a remix of Red 5 I Love You Stop'2004 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

ATB's Ecstasy entered the Austrian charts at #62 and the German charts at #43 (while it is still #1 of the German DJ Playlist).

Klubbingman's Magic Summer Night entered the German DJ Playlist at #163.

You can discover Gina G's excellent new single Heaven on her new website.


The Cappella cover by SWAT U Got 2 Let The Music 2004 won't finally be released due to a problem concerning the copyrights. As for Angel, the release in Germany has been postponed to August (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

DJ Bobo is among the favourites in the preselections of the artist who will represent Switzerland at the Eurovision song contest 2005 (thanks to DJ Bobo France).


New remixes of Experience of Music feat Lyane Leigh Hardhouse and Do You Think It's Magic are available on Experience of Music offcial website.

Indra will release her brand new single in september. It will be duet with a French artist called Frederic Lerner (thanks to IndraOfficiel).

Kate Ryan's single La Promesse entered the Austrian charts at #42.

Jam & Spoon's Set Me Free (Empty Rooms) entered the Austrian charts at #67.

ATB's single Ecstasy is #1 in the German DJ playlist, and the previous single Marrakech is #14 in the US Billboard Hot Dance Music (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Blank & Jones' Perfect Silence is #4 in the German DJ playlist.

Brooklyn Bounce's new single Crazy entered the German DJ playlist at #17.

Double Nation (ex Dance Nation) new single I'm Gonna Get You entered the German DJ playlist at #72.


LA Work's new single Congas Del Sol (at first released as promo) will be released as maxi and vinyl under House Nation / ZYX Music, including some new mixes (thanks to ALC Productions).

DJ Aligator (ex-producer of Zoom and Factual Beat) entered the Danish single-hitlist as #10 this week with Davaj Davaj. And peaked at #6 on the Danish dance-chart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Ian Van Dahl peaked in the Danish dance-chart as #35 with Where Are You Now (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

New from Klubbingman (Tommy Schleh from Masterboy) : the single Magic Summer Night.

E-type's new single is called Olympia and not Olympic. It will be released in Sweden only. Outside Sweden, the new single will be Camilla (second track to be taken from the new album). Both tracks are built on the same melody, only the lyrics are different.

Blank & Jones will appear live on Club Rotation on Saturday 10th July (19:00 - Viva).

Sqeezer will present their new single Hot Bikini on Monday 19th July 17:30 (Sat 1).




Blank & Jones' new single Perfect Silence entered the German DJ playlist at rank #153.

Groove Coverage' new single She entered the German DJ playlist at rank #80 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


D-tune is a eurodance/trance project from Poland. They just released their first single entitled Push It 2004 (originally a track of Salt N Pepa), a very powerful track, with a catchy melody. You can visit their website and listen to this excellent track.

Groove Coverage's next single is entitled She (thanks to Nicolas).

New from Blank & Jones : Perfect Silence will be out in July (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

E-rotic will release a megamix in Japan in August (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

David Brandes created a new project called Xandoo, with Lydia (the last E-rotic vocalist) as frontwoman. The first single is entitled Vaya Con Dios (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

E-type's next single will be called Olympia. It will be the hymn of Swedish olympic team (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Kate Ryan entered the Danish dancechart at #30 with The Promise You Made (thanks to Anders Bøgh).


A UK boys project called Twenty 4 Seven released a track called Hide. There is absolutely no relationship with the eurodance project.

Kate Ryan's new single The Promise You Made entered Belgian charts at #21.

The vinyl of Brooklyn Bounce's new single Crazy is planned to be released on the 16th June.

Gina G is back with the single Heaven / Ooh Ahh (Just A Little Bit) 2004 (Vinyl) vs Elementary.

ATB's new single will be entitled Ecstasy.

Double Nation (ex Dance Nation) should soon release a new single called Beach Time.

Eiffel 65's next single will still be in Italian : it will include the tracks Tu Credi and Voglia Di Dance All Night (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

DJ Bobo's new album will be called Pirates Of Dance (thanks to DJ Bobo France).


Dj Aligator (ex-producer of Factual Beat) released a single featuing MC Vspishkin - Davaj Davaj.

New from Sqeezer, the track Hot Bikini, based on the same melody as Hot Ski Teenie (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Crazy should be the name of Brooklyn Bounce's new single. It's a cover of Seal's hit.

Gunther and the Sunshine Girls released his first album called Pleasure Man. Their first single Ding Dong Song is #3 in Ireland while their second single Teeny Weeny String Bikini is #7 in Finland.

Viva TV had promised us Ian Van Dahl live at Cub Rotation last saturday... but nothing came, unfortunately !

666's single Dance Now is #36 in Austria and #46 in the German DJ playlist (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).




Jay Supreme (former rapper for Culture Beat) started a collaboration with Project SSE. Together they released an album in November 2003 called Trance 2 America.

Gigi D'Agostino's new single Gigi's Goodnight is #23 in Austria, and #81 in Germany (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

ATB's Marrakech is #5 in the German DJ Playlist.

LMC vs U2 feat Rachel McFarlane (ex N-Trance vocalist) Take Me To The Clouds Above is #3 in the German DJ Playlist.

DJ Bobo tourdates for his 2005 have been published. They are available on the official websites.


Cappella's U Got 2 Let The Music will be once again remixed. This time, it will be done by S.W.A.T. feat. Real (who also remixed Eins Zwei Polizei by Mo-Do some time ago). Release date is June 2004.

New single from Prezioso Feat Marvin : Le Louvre.

Jam and Spoon finally released their new single Set Me Free, featuring Rea from Reamon (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).


Rozalla released a Best Of album (thanks to Lucas).

Einstein Dr Deejay teamed up with ex-Ramirez producer to create the project Audiowerk Z. They released a single called Last Train To Amsterdam (thanks to Nico).

LOFT are back for good with a brand new single called Still Number One. Apparently the ragga-rapper is still the same but the female vocalist is new. The sound is definitevely ragga, but the B-side We Pray is dance. The exact release date is not known yet.

Ice MC is back too, with a brand new single called It's A Miracle. Not exactly eurodance but... The release is planned in May under Airplay records. If the single is successful enough, there could be an album to be released afterwards (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Pandora will be a mother soon.

Daisy Dee leaves the TV show Club Rotation that she had been presenting during so many years on Viva, she will be replaced by Annemarie Warnkross. Annemarie will appear from the 29th of May.


Loredana Maiuri (Majuri) released a new song called Isolation. It was featured on the compilation Good Music (label : Idyllium). You can listen to it on her official website (thanks to Loredana Maiuri herself).

If you love reloaded versions of the classic eurodance hits, you can visit Twister's homepage. He did himself some amazing remixes of Italian hits (among them, the famous 2004 re-twisted mix of Double You's Dancing With An Angel, which made us all believe it was official !).

Scooter released a one-track vinyl called Bramfeld (thanks to Nico).

Captain Jack will be performing live on German TV this week ! All dates and channels are on the right...

N-Trance next single will be entitled I'm In Heaven.

Blank & Jones' Mind Of The Wonderful entered the Hungarian charts directly at #10.

LMC featuring the voice of Rachel McFarlane (ex N-Trance vocalist) Take Me To The Clouds Above is #1 in the German DJ chart this week and #13 in Holland.

ATB's single Marrakech is #1 in the German DJ chart.

Groove Coverage's single 7 Years And 50 Days is #16 in Germany (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


Serge Ramaekers (former composer for Cartouche and T-spoon) release a new single for his current project Orion Too entitled Call Me.

Gigi d'Agostino will release his new single on the 3rd of May. It will be called Gigi's Good Night. (thanks to Moratto).

Thea Austin (from Snap and Cymurai) released a solo single called Broken Wings, which reached #8 in the USA Club chart (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).




Cappella Angel was released in Germany under the label ZYX, it will include a remix by Niels Van Gogh (thanks to Moratto).

Blank & Jones Mind of the Wonderful entered the German charts singles at #26 (thanks to Moratto).

In a few months, Indra will release a brand new single, along with the previously planned Best Of album (thanks to Cyril from IndraOfficiel).

A tour gathering Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl, throughout the the USA, is currently being prepared. The Keep On Dancin' World Tour 2004 will be played in several big cities on the East & West coast (thanks to Dancevibes.be).

While Where Are You Now is the new CD single from Ian Van Dahl in Europe and the USA, there is one exception : in the UK Ian Van Dahl will release the track Believe on the 31st of May (thanks to Dancevibes.be).

Linda Mertens (Milk Inc) was involved in a serious car accident, only being saved by the car's airbag (thanks to Dancevibes).


Whigfield's new single Was A Time was just released in Italy as vinyl and it's already on heavy rotation all around the world's radios. A Best Of album (Waiting for Saturday - Her Greatest Hits) will be released in Germany on the 26th of April (the Official Whigfield Fansite).

DJ Bobo has already started to compose the songs of his forthcoming album planned for 2005. The dates of his next tour should be published in June 2004. There are rumors about a single that could be released in France, but nothing is sure (thanks to DJ Bobo France).

This week, E-Type's Paradise is #3 in Swedish Dance Chart, #7 in Scandinavian Dance Chart, #19 in Norwegian Dance Chart, #22 in Finnish Dance Chart.

Groove Coverage's 7 Years And 50 Days reached #14 in Austria and #3 in German DJ playlist (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


Kandystand's tracks are available as limited single digital downloads from I'mGifted. Currently available are Disco Queen and Everybody from Kandystand's forthcoming album priced at £1.00 per song, and these can be purchased from anywhere in the world by credit and debit card.

Da Buzz released a new single called Dangerous. It entered the Swedish SR P3 track list at position #16 (thanks to Mikoo).

Due to problems with their records company, Dance Nation had to change their name. They are now called Double Nation (thanks to Kizoo).

This week I discovered 2 new official websites : the ones of Snap and Stanley Foort (thanks to Anders Bøgh).


Marsha (former vocalist of Ian Van Dahl) was featured by the project NeXiZ for the single Eternity (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

E-Type reached position #3 at SR P3:s Tracks' list. (Thanks to Mikoo).

Blank & Jones released their single Mind Of The Wonderful as DVD-single. It contains many bonus and add-ons such as comments of the artists, making-of, images of the tour, and more.

New ATB album will be called No Silence (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

General Base will appear live on Club Rotation on the 10th of April (Viva TV, 19h, Paris time).




General Base's Base Of Love rebased reached #8 in the German official dance chart and #3 in the German DJ Playlist. The video clip is made from the images of the original clip.

JX Restless is #6 in the UK charts.

Kate Ryan's Only If I entered the Austrian charts at #25.

Rimini Project's Sometimes When We Touch entered the Austrian charts at #17.

Milk Inc feat Silvy I Don't Care jumped to #3 in the Belgian charts.

Magic Affair's new single Fly Away (La Serenissima) entered the Swiss charts at #75 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


Soularis new single Bye is about to be released. The style is a very energetic eurotrance with a house touch. Julia's voice is very powerful and melodic. The single comes with many mixes, all very danceable (and one acoustic version). You can listen to samples here.

Scooter took part to Germany 12 Points, the qualification show for the Eurovision Song Contest in Berlin on the 19th of March. They were very close to winning their ticket to Istambul. Among 10 candidates, 2 of them were selected for the final voting : Scooter and Max. After a neverending suspense, the result came : unfortuntalely Max was selected by the public vote instead of Scooter. :-(

E-type took part to Melodiefestivalen, the Swedish qualification show for the Eurovision Song Contest on the 20th of March. And he was not selected either... :-((

The Belgian candidate has already been selected some weeks ago. The project is called Xandee and their song, One Life, is a very nice dance song.

Brooklyn Bounce's new single is a collaboration with Arizona Adams entitled There's Nothing I Won't Do.

Captain Jack released their new single, called Miss Ibiza. It contains a B-side which is a cover of the old hit Blame It On The Boogie.

ATB's Marrakech was released on the 19th of March (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin and Nico).

Leila K's hit Open Sesame was covered by Syndicate of Law and renamed Accelerator (thanks to Nico).

Kate Ryan's Only If I entered the German Sales Charts directly at #27 (thanks to Nico).


Cappella entered the european dance charts and ranked directly #9 the first week (thanks to Christian from Cappella website).

Pandora took part to the Swedish pre-eliminatory contect for the Eurovision last saturday. Her song was entitled Runaway. Unfortunately she was not selected for the final of the 20th March (thanks to reBeL and Anders Bøgh).

JK's single Hit My Heart was covered by the Benassi Brothers (thanks to Klems).

Scooter will take part to the qualification show for the Eurovision Song Contest in Berlin on the 19th of March. If they are selected among the other candidates, they will represent Germany at the Eurovision. The show will be broadcasted on ARD at 20:15 (Paris time).


Peter Luts, Lasgo's producer, just released a solo single called Long Island (thanks to Nico).

JX is back with the single Restless (thanks to Nico).

2 Unlimited's Tribal Dance 2.4 entered the German Top Singles at #78 and already dropped to #90. Let's hope it will go up again (thanks to Nico)...

A new Cappella website is online, and it is maintained by Marlon Treep, a true Cappella fan ! Angel seems to have some success in Italy.

Kelly Llorenna's single This Time I Know It's For Real, released a month ago, reached #5 in Irish charts (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Gigi D'Agostino's single Silence peaked to #10 in Austria.

Unfortunately Haddaway was eliminated last monday evening from the Pro7 TV-show ComeBack - Die Grosse Chance.

Magic Affair will perform live at Club Rotation next saturday, 7:00 PM (Paris time), re-broadcast at 11:00 AM the next day. (Channel : Viva, Germany).




Rimini Project will release a new single on March 1st called Sometimes When We Touch (thanks to Marky).

The Soularis project is back with a new team and a new sound ! More infos on their official website.

2 Unlimited's album The Complete History was released. It's a compilation of their greatest hits (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

The release of Jam & Spoon's album Tripomatic Fairytales 3003 was postponed to May 2004. Next single will be called Set Me Free, planned for announced for Spring.

Haddaway is still in the ComeBack competition (next broadcast : monday 8th March, 20h15, Pro7)...

Daisy Dee opens her own club on the 6th of March : Da Club, located in Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr (Germany).

E-type had a lot of success when he took part to the The Swedish Melody Grand Prix, presenting his new single Paradise. He was selected for the final which will determine who will represent Sweden at the Eurovision contest (thanks to Mikoo, reBeL and EuroSwede).


Groove Coverage will release their new single 7 Years & 50 Days in March as maxi (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Haddaway is still among the competitors of the German show ComeBack - Die Große Chance.

Snap feat. NG3 Ooops Up! highest position #11 in the Danish Dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Lasgo Surrender peaked up to position #14 in the Danish Dancechart and in Finland too (thanks to Anders Bøgh and Denis "DJ Hooligan").

Blank & Jones' new single features Elles and it's called Mind Of The Wonderful. It will be out as vinyl on the 26th on February, then available as CD maxi in April (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Whigfield's new single is called Was A Time (thanks to Whigfield Online).


Indra is preparing here comeback : in May, her Best Of album will be released, it will included 5 unreleased tracks that she is currently recording in studio (thanks to Indra Officiel).

The release of Cappella's new single is postponed to April 2004 (thanks to Daniel from WebDJs).

On the 19th of April 2004, Scooter will release Jigga Jigga in the UK. The single will include some new mixes.

New from Culture Beat : Can't Go On was released as vinyl.

ATB's new single will be entitled Marrakech (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


A very interesting eurotrance release coming from UK : Kandystand's debut single Alone. A very catchy song with nice vocals and uplifting melody, planned for releas on the 14th of February. To know more about this project you can visit their official website.

Blank & Jones album Monument will be released on the 22nd of March.

New single from E-Type called Paradise will be released on the 28th of February.

Damage Control are back ! They released a new single called Destroy All The Limits.

SEX Appeal released a new single called Do You Love Me.

Magic Affair with Fly Away reached #13 in German DJ playlist.

2 Unlimited's Tribal Dance 2.4 entered charts in Austria and reached #41 in German DJ Playlist.

Lasgo with Surrender went up to # 9 in Belgium and #5 in the German DJ Playlist.

Gigi D'Agostino with latest single Silence is Holland #23, Belgium #37, Austria #22 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


Kate Ryan's new single is called Only If I.

Double You released a remake of his hit Dancing With An Angel 2004 (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

Sqeezer's new single Hot Ski Teeny will be out on the 2nd of February (thanks to Andy Stern).




Rozalla will release her first official Best Of Rozalla album on 15 March in the UK (thanks to Lucas).

Dr Alban's Sing Hallelujah Recall 2004 entered Danish charts at #31.

Infernal vs. Snap Cult of Noise highest position #9 (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Scooter Jigga Jigga highest position #36 in Danish charts (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Milk Inc's new single will be I Don't Care (a duet with Silvy de Bie, the vocalist of Sylver). The single will be released in February 2004 (thanks to Pelle from Eurodancetracks).

Sandy Chambers's voice was featured on Benny Benassi's single Illusion (thanks to Klems).

Snap will release The Cult of Snap'2004. The single will include a C-base remix.

Zippora's new single is called Luminous & Beautiful (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).

E-type will be among the Swedish artists competing to represent Sweden for the Eurovision contest (thanks to reBeL).


Bass Bumpers released a new single : The Music Got Me '2003, including a CJ Stone mix (thanks to "Denis DJ Hooligan" Zhabkin).


The new single from 666 will be called Dance Now! and will be released in January 2004 (thanks to Eurodance Tracks).

There should be a release by Ice MC called Think About The Way - Flashback (thanks to DanceFloor).

Twenty 4 Seven are said to be currently searching for a new female vocalist (thanks to DanceFloor).

A new website dedicated to Swedish eurodance singles is now online. Created and maintained by EuroBoy, it contains the discographies of all rare Swedish eurodance artists.




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